“Straight Outta Oz” Slayed!

What’s up Wonderful Listeners!

Last night was so awesome! 😀 Do you have any idea why? Because I got to see Todrick Hall live for the first time in my life! I’ve always wanted to see Todrick live but I’ve never had the chance to but I couldn’t sit by this time. I made a decision.

Tickets to see Todrick Hall live! It’s official!

Well, let me just recount last night’s events. So after I got off of work from my internship, I was wondering about what to do with myself. I knew that Todrick’s performance didn’t start until 7PM so I had some time to kill.

I waited in the park nearby (Travis Park.) It was nice.

Well, luckily, my little sister called me not too long after I got off work. She told me that she was on her way downtown to meet up with me. So in the meantime, I walked over and sat in front of the Tobin Center since we would need to return there anyway.

I was waiting for probably 40 minutes or so but I had some music so I was just relaxing. I was tempted to fall asleep too but I didn’t want to get that comfortable. Honestly, just when I was getting comfortable, she showed up.

I met up with her and we chilled for the next hour. In that time, we managed to go to Bill Miller’s BBQ to get some food. Now, I hadn’t eaten lunch really yesterday so I was hungry. Still, at least the food was decent, unlike the customer service. I mean, it was OK but that’s just it. It was OK.

We ordered chicken sandwiches. We wanted to be "safe."
We ordered chicken sandwiches. We wanted to be “safe.”

Anyway, after eating there, we walked back over to the Tobin Center and we got inside. Boy, it was like the pearly gates opened! Of course, to make the experience official, me and my little sister had to take a picture.

Aww… We look so cute together! I love her!
Aww… We look so cute together! I love her!

We saw a small Todrick merchandise stand. Now, of course, my little sister couldn’t help but want something. I wasn’t pressed on buying anything but… I did.

Look! It’s like a goodies stand! Ah!

My little sister didn’t have her wallet on her or anything so I was treating her to the fullest tonight. I bought our tickets and paid for our meal and got our merchandise. Overall, I’m pretty sure I spent $100+ on last night’s shebang.

Still, it was incredible in there. I mean, we saw plenty of people who were all decked out for the performance. All of the “Toddlerz” were slaying the game in the theater! I mean, we missed the memo but so what? We were about to have a good time!

Then we put on our new t-shirts and walked into the theater.

Don’t mind my awful ability to look “cool.” These shirts were awesome!


We sat in our row and luckily, the view was pretty decent. I mean, for the price we paid, it was a good view. And to our surprise, we sat next to some pretty cool people! I mean, my sister was chatting it up so she was having a good time anyway.

Honestly, we just couldn’t wait for the show to get started.

Videos of Todrick's work on YouTube were playing while we waited...
Videos of Todrick’s work on YouTube were playing while we waited…

We were waiting and anticipating the whole time. But then, it happened. The lights dimmed. Screams emerged. The show had begun.

Let me just say that the show was AHHHHHH-MAAAAAAAAYYYY-ZIIIIIIIING!!! Honestly, that’s the only way to describe it.

I took a few pictures during the show because Todrick allowed it. Let me just say that I screamed, yelled, cried, laughed, and smiled my butt off. I think I was just out of emotions by the time the show was over. I was speechless.

I mean, what else can I say other than you needed to be there. I mean, since this is Todrick I’m talking about, he did give his fans the best thing ever. He gave us a summarized version of the show on YouTube for all to watch! Go watch it below real quick (or not so quick actually.)

Well, I suppose I can talk about my highlights of the show in the meantime.

The first scene that comes to mind is Over the Rainbow. That song just made me cry because, I know that feeling. As a man, especially when it comes to fathers, that song just hit too close to home. And even though my own father isn’t that intense to such an extent, the fear that he could be is too much for me. So I shed a tear.

Over The Rainbow was the third number. I cried, because it had to do with fathers and sons.
Over The Rainbow was the third number. I cried, because it had to do with fathers and sons.

Then the next scene that comes to mind is Color. Oh my gosh. This song, I had to cry from joy and jealousy. Why? Well, because it’s such a positive song and yet I wish I could feel what that song is talking about. Ah, love. I tell ya, it’s way too infectious sometimes…

The fourth number of the show. I loved this one and it was probably one of my favorites!
The fourth number of the show. I loved this one and it was probably one of my favorites!

And then of course, there’s the scenes with Todrick’s mom: Whoop That Ass (tour only), Lions And Tigers And Bears, and of course, See Your Face. I had to shed a tear there too because it just reminded me too much of my own mother. Some of the things she was singing about, I wondered if that’s what my mom thinks sometimes. But then I also laughed because it was truthfully direct. Plus, she was funny during the show.

Then I think about Lyin’ To Myself. Man, Todrick was working it during that scene. The dancing was completely on point! I mean, A+ performance, which I expect no less of course. And the message man… It’s not good to lie to yourself, even if you are “making it.”

Then I come to the infamous scene, Wrong Bitch. OK, this scene was a complete anthem! I mean, Todrick jumped off stage and was going through the crowd and slaying everyone! He was like 7 feet away from me at one point. (No, I didn’t fanboy but I was close.) I’m just saying, I’m gonna be singing this to myself and playing it when I walk into the room (for a while anyway.)

And the last scene that stuck out for me was Water Guns. I had to cry here. It was a direct response to mass shootings and cop killings and all of that tragedy in the news. I couldn’t help but cry. It hurts because he just hit the nail on the head. Why are we fighting?” he asked. Well, I don’t know but I wish we weren’t.

Those were my highlights of the show but, it was spectacular. What made the show even better was that it was based completely on his own life and experiences. So he was completely and personally invested and it came across. I connected with the messages in the songs and the ideologies behind it all. It exposed the truth about many things in a digestible way.

Ah! What an experience. I just wish you could’ve been there! I had been waiting for so long and it finally happened. And now I feel somewhat empty because where do I go from here? Forward I guess. When he comes back into town though, I’ll be waiting!

Oh! But there was this one special even that happened at the end of the show during the finale. In Todrick’s finale, he performed some of his greatest hits and we all danced in the theater. It was fantastic! But then, he had to point out that his own mother had finally gotten to see the show and she was in the audience.

Wow! I mean, that’s crazy. But then, we had a special guest appearance from one little boy, who just so happened to play Michael Jackson on Broadway. WHAT??? And then he gave us a snippet of his talent. I was blown away… What a magical night..!

The curtain call of the show was awesome. He did all of his famous songs and gave us a surprise!
The curtain call of the show was awesome. He did all of his famous songs and gave us a surprise!

What else can I say? Well, the show is more than music. It’s emotion, political, fantasy, realism, uh… Well, it was just damn good. ‘Nuff said. Oh! And I’ll be rocking the hell out of that new shirt of mine… 😉

You got the wrong one alright!
You got the wrong one alright!

Well, I think I’m done here. I hope you guys enjoyed that post. I know I did! 🙂 Well, I’ll see you later! Cheers!

What was the last show you saw in concert/theater/Broadway? Leave all your thoughts below!

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