Nice To See You Again Brandi!

Hi Wonderful Listeners!

Today was such a lovely day. I got to meet up with Brandi, a friend that I made at Wal-Mart when I worked there two summers ago. We hadn’t seen each other in like, well, a year. So it was nice to have a day to just catch up with each other. So let me just roll through the entire day.

We met up with each other at about 2:30PM. We tried for earlier but… y’know, we both run on what my family likes to call “CPT” (Colored People Time, because we’re never on time.) XD

We sat in her car for a few minutes to decide where we were going to go. Since it was about lunch time, we decided to hit up a local spot called Thai Chili. I absolutely love eating here because the food is amazing. It’s nice and spicy but so flavorful and the staff is wonderful! 🙂

We arrived there and sat down. For about (what felt like) 20 minutes, we were just chatting it up. She was telling me about her single life and how much she enjoys it. She had a boyfriend of a number of years but they’re no longer together. She’s been really focused on herself lately, as she’s living with her mother (which I can understand.)

We ended up reminiscing about working at Wal-Mart, which brought about a few laughs. We both enjoyed working there, that is, while we were both working there. We sated each other’s frustration from the job during breaks, which was really helpful. That was actually how we became such quick friends really.

But before long, we received our food. And if there’s one thing that she and I like to kiki about (“kiki” = mingle/talk about/have a good time over), it’s food. We both are “foodies” and we loooooooove food, so we like to eat whenever we get together. Our lunch was quite delicious and she liked my recommendation for food too. So, she’s now a fan of the restaurant.

We ate, gossiped, tipped, and left. The tapioca dessert and Boba tea was amazing! 🙂

I also left the waitress a little note. I like leaving notes for waiters and waitresses just to let them know how they’re doing. It’s my way of making their day, especially when I don’t have the funds to tip. Don’t worry, she did an amazing job!

After eating lunch, we stopped by Starbucks on the way back to my area. I mean, we didn’t travel far from my house but far enough. Anyway, we popped into Starbucks because it was starting to get hot outside and we were a bit thirsty but in the mood for a treat. She wanted coffee specifically and I figured I might as well get a frappuccino.

Strawberries n’ Cream frappe. It was decent. It’s got nothing on the Vanilla Bean frappe!

We sat there in Starbucks for an entire hour just talking. We mainly talked about why we’re both single and how that’s been affecting our lives. I told her being bisexual that it’s difficult for people to understand my position. It really is. But she was telling me about her queer tendencies too. She’s not actually queer but being with a man sometimes makes her want to go gay if you get what I’m saying…

Honestly, it’s funny how we kept floating from topic to topic. We even got onto the topic of friendships. Brandi doesn’t have many friends, but that’s because she doesn’t like the drama that comes with females but she also can’t seem to keep plutonic friendships with men. And of course, she finds that people think she’s too weird. I don’t think she’s too weird, but that’s because I’m eccentric too. 😉

I told her that she really doesn’t need to worry about all of that because life goes on. Even with her job, whatever bullshit she has to deal with will pass. Her friends that she’s really got it good with will stick around if they’re real (like me.) And in terms of love, it’s all about being patient.

Then we ended up talking about school and college. I told her that I was so busy just trying to get through and work these jobs that I didn’t have time for much. Everything became precious but I was happy to be in college. She’s currently not in college as she’s saving for another full semester (which I get.) But she’s interested in science, so I mean, hey… she’ll definitely go somewhere with that.

At about 5PM or so, we managed to migrate back to her car and hit the road. She had to make a quick pit stop to Kohl’s across the street to pick something up so I waited in the car. But we hit the road just to drive and talk afterwards. We didn’t have a real destination. I mean, she did want to show me this one place, but, we kind of got lost on the way there…

The open road… Sometimes a drive is all you need.

We ended up turning around to come back to my side of town. But the drive was nice. We listened to music, laughed our asses off at the world and just enjoyed each other’s presence. By the time we got back to my side of town, it was like 6:15PM. We decided that it was probably a good idea for me to head home. We mostly owe that to her mother who wanted her to be home on time for dinner.

So she dropped me off and we hugged it out. She wanted to grab lunch or something again with me soon, and I agreed. I told her to take care of herself. And then I said good-bye. She drove off home after that…


And that was it. That was my day with Brandi. I love my little, curvy, spontaneous, wonderfully twisted, Mexican friend. She’s such a wonderful person, if you’re willing to get to know her (and get past her weird topics of conversation.)

Ain’t she a doll? She’s so tiny that it’s cute! But she’s also a crazy Latina so…

But that’s all. I’ll catch you all later. Cheers!

Do you have a friend you can be super weird with? What kinds of memories do you have with them? Leave all your thoughts below!


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