The Gang Rounds Up Again!

What’s up Wonderful Listeners!

I had an amazing time tonight. I got to spend most of it with my circle of friends. And you wanna know something? I actually felt like I was included this time! It was pretty fantastic to be frank. Let me roll right into this story, shall I?

So, just so you know, I didnt’ do much of anything today. So when the gang invited me out to hang, I was so excited to accept. Plus, since tomorrow is going to be my last day as an intern at Artpace, I figured, eh, I can afford little to no sleep.

Anyway, Bryan picked me up and we headed over to Armand’s place around 8:30PM. What was going to be interesting was that Thomas Levonius (we just call him Levonius) was there. We hadn’t seen him in some time mainly because he lives in Dallas, Texas now. So, the fact that he was here in San Antonio again was a surprise in itself. All the more reason to get the gang together.

Well, we showed up right? Of course, everyone who’s there already—Armand, Jordan, Roland, Thomas, is already playing Magic the Gathering. *cue snooze button* Unlike every one of my friends in this specific circle, I don’t like Magic the Gathering. It just doesn’t suit my fancy.

Well, Bryan joined in (no surprise) and I was left to my devices. Granted, Armand knows very well that I don’t play so he actively tried to include other things for us to do so that I could feel included. But, I just let them play their game. I thankfully had enough battery on my phone to do other things.

Dice, cards, boards, nerds… Eh, not my style thank you.

Well, about 20 minutes after we arrived, Paul showed up. He was smart enough to bring his laptop so keep himself busy so good for you Paul. Smart cookie. At least I was able to engage in some conversation while they were playing. I was mostly listening to Thomas catch up with everyone else.

The thing is, I’m not very close to Levonius at all. We’ve never been close but because he’s a very close friend of everyone else, we’re mutual friends. Anyway, it was nice to hear him kinda talk about his life. He’s a very quiet person so to hear him at all is rather nice. Actually, we found time after they finished their game to talk to each other one-on-one.

I can’t remember exactly what we talked about but it amounted to something. I mean, we talked for maybe 10 minutes so it wasn’t a long time. But it was nice to actually have a conversation with Levonius myself. He’s quite the refined individual if you get the chance to talk to him. I suppose most of the quiet ones are right?

I actually took the time to just look at all of the people around me. If you don’t mind, I want to run through them all really quickly. (Jordan was unfortunately left out.)

Roland. He’s the doofus of the group. He’s always the scapegoat… XD
Levonius. The quiet tagalong. He’s always welcome (that is whenever he’s around.)
Paul. He’s the one always trying to have the last word (jokingly.) Oh, and he loves knowledge.
Bryan. He’s usually the chauffeur but he’s also the awkward one. His stutter doesn’t help that either.
Armand (a.k.a. Victor). The token asshole/atheist/weirdo. A crucial member.

After having this conversation with Levonius, Armand decided it would be a good idea to put our BDSM knowledge and stats to the test with a little quiz. Yeah, he’s into that kind of thing (and we’re all weird together and don’t care so… we did it anyway.) It was interesting to hear about all of the different rankings that we got. I was both surprised and not by my stats because, heh, they weren’t wrong… 😉

Anyway, around 10:30PM, we moved on to playing Munchkin since it had come to our attention that Levonius had never played before. (Oh Thomas… how your life was about to change!) We immediately set up a game and explained the rules.

My kind of game. Simple, cartoonish, back-stabbing fun! *maniacal laugh*

The thing about Munchkin, if you’ve never played, is that it can both strengthen and break friendship. It’s such a cutthroat game but it’s so much fun. It’s definitely one you can hold a grudge over (but it will die in a few days, that is until the next time you play.)

We actually spent like almost two hours plays. Jordan ended up winning, and I came in like 3rd place. I was salty about it, not gonna lie. But that’s how the game goes. I’m usually not one to like competitions, mostly because I get way to into it. But thankfully, I’m not a sore loser (anymore…)

Well, after that Munchkin game, we had to call it quits. Honestly, it was getting late but it was a good time. I hadn’t seen the gang all summer because I was so busy and so it was nice to get together again. Bryan drove me home, and as per usual for this sort of thing, we ended up talking on the way home.

We always end up having long conversations, mainly because I like conversation and Bryan always has something he wants to say. It’s because he hardly can find anyone who will listen to him quite like I do because I actually listen (most of the time.) Plus, he’s got great conversation and those 1AM/2AM conversations are therapy time for any one of us.


But yeah, that was my night with the guys. Not much but it was still something considering my life this summer. Well, I’ll catch you later. Cheers!

What does your gang usually do when you round-up? Leave all your thoughts below!


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