Keep Me In Your Heart…

Wonderful Listeners,

This is it. This is the end. It’s over. Can you believe it? I’m no longer and intern, and I no longer work for Artpace…

I have little to say. Honestly, all that I can say, should be saved for my intern logs. (I know one hasn’t gone up in a while but I will have lots of free time next week.) What I can say for now though, is that I am leaving a piece of myself here and taking a piece of Artpace with me. I think I’ll always have a connection to this organization now. I’m a part of the gang… :’)

*Sigh* Well, I am sad. But not sad enough to cry. So I suppose I will take my bittersweet story with me and hold it dearly. For my Artpace family (because, well, this place started feeling like home), I will see you sometime later. I’m gonna miss you guys.

I love you. And yeah, I really do.

Well, that’s enough for now. The full brunt will be saved for the real deal. And once I actually get to Week 10, well, we can all talk about it then. Until then, cheers. Cheers to Artpace and me. Cheers to my Wonderful Listeners.

Just, well, cheers. 🙂