A Rainy Day With Alex, My Musketeer

What’s going on Wonderful Listeners?

Today was an eventful day. Why? Well, because I spent most of it with Alex, that’s why. As you may or may not know, I don’t get to spend time with that boy often so when we do get to see each other, it’s like a party wherever we are.

I spent the first half of my day prepping for his arrival and the latter half with him. In the morning when I got up, I had to spiffy up the house rather quickly. My mom had a meeting with some of her business associates and team members so having the house look disheveled was not acceptable.

Funny enough, she didn’t even clean. She was too busy cooking for her meeting. But I mean, what else is new right? Anyway, I got the house together (along with my little sister’s help) and we were done like *snaps fingers*

Originally, I had planned for Alex to show up around 1PM. He didn’t get to my house until 3PM. Turns out he had to go to the bank and run some errands so I completely understood. Being an adult means handling your responsibilities. (Still, this was less time that I got to spend with the guy.)

Around 3PM, the rains came down. So when he showed up, he was rather soaked. I felt bad for him, especially because I wanted to run outside with an umbrella but I didn’t have one so I really couldn’t. But he still got a hug out of me regardless, because we’re besties like that.

We proceed to run upstairs and talk for like 2-3 hours. I couldn’t keep track of the time really. I offered him some food since my mom had cooked, but, we didn’t get to it because we were too busy talking. You might understand how that can be when you’re in the mood to catch up with people you miss.

He told me a lot about his friend named Paul who was living with him for a while. Apparently, Paul was in a bind and needed a place to stay so Alex offered up his room (not necessarily the house.) He was quick to tell me how uncomfortable it was trying to squeeze two people in his room (which I can attest to.)

He then rambled on (and you know how I love to ramble myself) about things he had been learning since we last saw each other. Like, fighting/boxing for instance. He’s not a fighter but he enjoys being able to defend himself. Also, he has had real interest in learning how to make swords and weapons. He’s not a violent person but he does have real interest in blacksmithing. Hey, that stuff is cool! And it totally fits his personality.

Then he asked me to talk about something. He felt that he was rambling and being overbearing. I told him he wasn’t, but like me, he feels that if he gets to talk a lot then he’s having a one-sided conversation. I actually just like listening to him, that’s all. I love the boy (in a bromance kind of way.)

Since he asked me to talk, I suggested that we go eat first since we’d been up in the room for about 2-3 hours. We proceed to walk downstairs and eat. We had like 3 plates. He and I love to eat, and of course, my mother’s cooking is amazing. So we chowed down!

Over our meal, I mentioned how nice it was to be able to sit down and eat with somebody you care about and talk. It’s nice because I don’t get to do it all that often with my own family. He told me the same thing since he’s always working and isn’t home a lot. It’s somewhat sad to think about but it was nice to indulge in the experience together.

After dinner, we headed back upstairs and flopped on my bed. We felt like pigs so we had to rest like pigs. We ended up talking for like another hour and a half. (It’s very easy for us to ramble with each other about nothing in particular.)

I decided to show him some of my artwork. He hasn’t really seen my work and so it was going to be an experience for us both. He knows that I am a photographer but he’s never seen my fine art photography, just my snapshots. So I showed it to him.

He was definitely surprised by my work. He appreciated it although he could tell that there was a lot charging the work. He asked what led me to make most of it. I told him that a lot of the work he saw was in response to internal conflicts that I had to deal with. I told him that it’s not easy to verbalize when I’m going through something but I can confront it in my artwork head-on.

He responded by saying that I can tell him anything. I knew that was true already but sometimes it’s too hard to tell and much easier to show. You know, like how a photograph can help you get to the thing you’re really trying to say. But it warmed my soul to know that he would be there for me in whatever struggle I was going through.

I flipped the conversation in the other direction. I asked him about what drives him. He said that he wants to be a doctor. Specifically, he’s interested in prosthetics. I asked him why. He said that he wants to protect people and give them back things that they’ve lost. I totally find that respectable and that completely fits something he would do.

I think he owes a lot of what he believes and treasures to his mother. His mom is a nurse and works in the medical field. Alex, well, he’s much more of a hands on kind of person but has a real appreciation for what medical professionals do with their patients. They help them and (if they truly care) try to protect them from harm or further injury. It’s admirable.

But he ended up telling me that what he really wishes for, is to be someone’s hero. I told him that it’s not easy being a hero; he said, “I don’t care. I just want to be someone’s hero.” But I had to console him because I feel the same way too inside. I, too, want to be someone’s hero. Both he and I wish to be that person for someone else, that can seem to defy the odds and be a protector. But it’s a challenging road.

But before we knew it, it was 9PM. Of course, my mom had to ask me to clean the kitchen. Even if I have guests over, I can’t get out of household chores. Well, I headed downstairs to clean it. My little sister, Mya, and her boyfriend, Lance, also joined me. We were getting down to some jams (because we never clean the kitchen in silence) and bustin’ some suds. And then we were out just as fast as we got in.

I head back upstairs. Alex insists we play some games. Of course, I’m game. I love video games. I went looking for the PS2 but I couldn’t find the cords for it so I gave up on that. Mya insisted that we just play the PS3 and play Soul Calibur IV. We hop right on it. I’m getting salty though because I’m losing to Alex. But I was rusty anyway so I couldn’t be too upset. (Honestly though, Alex was bustin’ some ass!)

Then my little sister jumps in and wants to play. She’s holding her own. Then we switch to Mortal Kombat. OK. Well, she started beatin’ our asses. Holla back girl! Well, she was until Alex and I ended up teaming up against her (which is kinda sad that we had to do that.) But you know what? Alex started getting the upper hand and winning. It was actually pretty funny… (Scorpion is no joke!)

Then we switch to Rock Band II. And… well, Mya and I are slaaaaaaaying the game. We play this game all the time together. Alex, well… he was pretty damn rusty. I mean, no vocals whatsoever. (Still love him though!) So we switch instruments. We just figured if we kept rotating that we could all suck together. How nice of us right? Yeah, we flunked out of the game. (No surprise.)

So, I tell Mya that Alex and I are gonna head to bed. It was 3:30AM. We leave her room and go back to mine. When we get back, we ended up talking some more. (It had been like two years since we’ve had a whole day together so we weren’t skipping on the talking.) But then I tried to sneak a picture of us without him noticing. Heh. Failed at that!

Not so slick of a picture on my behalf. That look on Alex’s face though… XD

Then he suggested we take an actual picture together. I oblige.

A true friend, one I will do just about anything for. Always…

But then he had to leave. Though it was 3:30AM, Alex had to take Paul to work at 4:30AM. (That’s crazy to me but, hey, we all rise together if we work together right?) Well, I walk him outside to his car. The ground is soaked but who cares. I give him a hug.

He tells me that he misses me and can’t wait to see me again on Friday. I give him a similar message. I will always be down to see Alex. We would have to spend an extended period of time together for me to not want to spend time with him (which has never happened and may never happen.)

I told him that when Spencer gets back into town, that we need to go on a camping trip together. It will be just us 3 for the weekend, just to “bro out.” He liked that idea very much so (and why wouldn’t he?!) But then he drives off and I wish him safe travels. He was worried about getting lost but I gave him directions on how to get back to his house from mine.


And that was that. Honestly, such a wonderful time to just bask in his presence. I love Alex like a brother. Seriously, even though we’ve been through some bullshit together and hardly get to see each other, it’s nothing but love when we do. I have a feeling that we will more than likely always be friends. I can’t imagine losing a musketeer…

OK. Well, that’s that. I suppose I’ll check y’all out later. Until then, cheers!

Do you have friends so close to your heart you consider them like family? If not, would you like to? Leave all your thoughts below!


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