Good Vibes From Good Guys

Wonderful Listeners,

First, I guess I should say hi. “Hi.” OK, now let me get to what I wanted to say.

So, I’m back in my college apartment with my roommates and I’m already feeling some good vibes. I mean, I’m feeling really good vibes guys. πŸ™‚ I don’t know how to explain it but, I think this year will be one to remember!

I mean, it’s not that past years weren’t worth remembering, but this one in particular, I just feel like I’m gonna remember it for sure. If for nothing else, for the time I’m gonna spend with my friends in the apartment. After all, they aren’t just my roommates; they areΒ friends.

I think maybe because the chemistry seems better in the house, is why it’s going so good. I mean, this is only the beginning right? How will I know how things will turn out? I won’t! But that’s the fun in living to see these things through. I just have high hopes that things will be better than before.

But about the chemistry thing… See, four people who all grew up in the same city, move to a college town into an apartment together. I bring my friend and David, well he brings his. The two separate friendships become one, shared by all. All four are friends in the house and respect and care about each other. It’s a beautiful thing.

(I guess, I should say at this point that the four names in the house are: David, Paul, Anthony, and me… So in the future, I will move forward using these names. I don’t really see a reason to keep them hidden anymore.)

Now where was I? Oh yeah… I think it’s gonna be a good time in the house. We will all be busy but it will be a good kind of busy for sure. We’ll all still find time to help one another and laugh at one another and annoy one another. It’s inevitable. But it will all be in good-heartedness. No malice if you please.

So, from my hopeful and joyful heart, I say to you all, it’s gonna be a great year! I’ll be reporting on lots of things of course because I can’t help but to do so. I’ll be coming at you with more stuff and hopefully, you guys will enjoy what musings I write in this diary of mine. πŸ˜‰

But that’s all I had to say. So, until next time, cheers!

What are your hopes for this upcoming school year? If you’re not in school, do you live with others or alone? Leave all your thoughts below.


5 thoughts on “Good Vibes From Good Guys

  1. Your internship will stick with you throughout life. One of the friends I made there still keep in contact over the internet. She gives me advice (literally saved my life once…) I help keep her spirits up by making her laugh. Have taught her how to deal with annoying co-workers by keeping music in her head at all times.

    It lets you see the real world in your chosen career. You probably have some tweaks you will need to make down the road, but you have to start somewhere!


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