Thoughts From The 23rd Of August (2016)

Hello Wonderful Listeners!

How are you guys? Hope all is well. I’m doing fine in case you were wondering. But you know, even though today was a bit of a lazy day, it was still plenty of fun! So I figured why not run through it for you all?

So where does my day start? Well, I hit the gym with my two friends, Paul and Kyle. We invited David and Anthony but only Anthony was willing to get out of bed. David was still a zombie. But Anthony had to get ready while the rest of us went because I had somewhere to be at 12:30 PM.

Anyway, we get into the gym in my apartment complex and we just go at it. We didn’t all do the same workout but we did workout together. We’ve found this to be much more efficient in our time and efforts, especially since we all don’t need to be monitored anymore.

I hit chest today and then did 30 minutes of cardio. I did HIT (High Intensity Training) cardio so that I could get more bang for my buck. The results were worth it even though I was slightly dying inside from exhaustion. But that’s a good thing! I worked hard!

Y’know I was sure if I’d be back in the gym as much since I’ve taken such a long break from it but it feels good to be back. And it’s much easier to do when you’ve got friends tagging along.

Now after the workout, I headed back to the apartment and took a shower and got ready. I dressed nicely but not too nicely. After all, Paul had recommended me the job in the first place and he knows the expectations there anyway. So I took his advice.

Paul, David, Kyle, and I all drove to a place called Hastings. Unfortunately, this business is going to be no more by November but I figured that it would give me some nice pocket change for the year. That’s why I took up the job in the first place.

The thing is, David and I had interviews around the same time and Kyle and Paul wanted to tag along. So they did. Armand, one of my other friends, did meet us there since Paul also recommended the job to him. So honestly it felt like a group of friends giving each other more excuses to be in each others’ presence. But I like that. 🙂

Well, let me tell you, the interview went great. I completely aced it. Paul said I would since the job was easy enough and relaxed enough. David aced it too along with Armand. So now all of us would be working together until November. Yay! 😀

Of course, I had to fill out all of the paperwork and whatnot but that was easy. And now, I’ll just be waiting to start my job next week! I think I’ll enjoy working the easiest job I’ve ever worked to be honest. 😉

After the interviews were taken care of, Kyle suggested we go to Crafthouse in the town square. We were all hungry so we figured why not. So we all hopped back into the car and went on over Crafthouse.

I’ve never been there so it was an experience for me. Kyle had high recommendations for it so I was hopeful.

The outside looks kinda inviting!

I’ll say that the outside looked nice enough to me. But then of course we went inside.

The inside was beautiful. Honestly, it looked like the kind of place you’d expect a bunch of college kids to go hang out at for a few drinks and to see the sports game of the night. But we all sat at the bar as we came in since it was pretty empty. After all, it was like 2 in the afternoon.

I mean, it’s the middle of the day but imagine this place at night!

I looked at the menu and decided on getting a burger. I love me a good burger and plus, I was hungry from working out and not having eaten at all for the day at this point. So I wanted something filling. And let me say that I was not disappointed.

The food was as good as it looked! Promise…

I will say that Cedrick, a friend of Kyle, Paul and David, met us at Crafthouse and sat with us. We never actually had met so that was our first time. However, we didn’t talk with each other hardly just because it was 5 people spread across a bar, and I was on the end. But I was sitting next to David.

Me and the crew at the bar. We grown now…

Him and I ended up talking about how the summer had been. Or at least, how my summer had been. I told him how great my internship was and how, not-so-great my other job had been. (Don’t get me wrong, I still had fun at Main Event but not like at Artpace.) And before we knew it, we were out the door again.

We all went back to the apartment and just played video games for like 4 hours. We just wanted to be in each others’ presence and enjoy the company so it was a fun time. Armand did rejoin us back at the apartment too so that was exciting.

We are lazy bums and we like it that way…

We ended up stopping so that we could watch American Beauty. Now, I have to say that this movie was amazing! It was strange for sure, but amazing. I would happily rewatch it anytime. And you know, sitting down and watch a new movie with my buddies was refreshing. I hadn’t done so in a long time.

After watching this movie, only Paul, Kyle and I had remained. We sat around to talk with each other about friendships and a bunch of other random topics. We end up doing that a lot actually and it’s nice. It’s nice to just sit and talk sometimes… 🙂

And then we had to call it a night. I mean, we were all getting tired and Kyle had to be to work in the morning. So, we all said goodbye and went our separate ways. And by seperate ways, I mean Kyle leaving and Paul and I going to our rooms. But like always, we had to have our “doorway chats” (as I like to call them.) We do this often where we hang out in the doorways to our rooms and chat just before going to bed.

But that ended, and the night was over. And let me tell you, it was an eventful day! It was fun for sure but full of stuff. And I like those days. But that’s all I got for you guys. Hope you enjoyed that little bit.

Until next time, cheers!

When was the last time you had a day full of fun with friends? Leave all your thoughts below!

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