The “Whirlwind” Summer Of 2016

Hello there Wonderful Listeners.

Well, my my my… This summer has been a whirlwind, hasn’t it? I mean, well, not that you all would know very well but, I promise that it has. I mean, so much happened that I’m having trouble getting it all out to you guys. But hey, I think this summer deserves a nice little recap.


Remember back in May? Yeah, you were so stressed out about finish all of your final projects for school. You even skipped going home on some nights and a shower here and there. Gross. But soon enough, you were done, and the summer started.

You moved back home to San Antonio with your parents and you over packed (as always.) You thought you were going to have lots of time make art and things like that but you spent most of your time with friends. You took advantage of the free time you had before June started to hang out with them late into the night. You knew good and well that once June started, you would have little time for yourself. Still you managed to shoot a lot on your camera and you still can’t wait to see those photographs!


But then June rolled around. You started to get a little nervous. Hey, it’s OK. You started your first internship ever in life and you had no idea what to expect from it. All you knew was that it would be a great opportunity for you and your future. But you also started working at Main Event again like you did last summer. At least you would be introduced to something familiar.

But June was a bit of a rollercoaster for you. If you weren’t tired, you were spending time with family and friends. Heck, you even managed to see Alex again for the first time in forever! Even though it was a short reunion, you did it. But during the day, you worked your butt off at Artpace and then switched clothes to go work at Main Event. You were like a professional clothes-switcher!

Granted, as far as the internship went, you stayed nervous for a very long time. You weren’t sure what each day would bring and you did a lot of different things. Besides, you were having a hard time adjusting to the Artpace staff, not because they weren’t nice but because you were uptight. It’s OK though because you eventually eased up.


And then July came! Yes, you found time to relax and enjoy more time with friends and family. Still, you didn’t do much for your birthday but you were at least happy this year as compared to last year. And you got so much better at your internship duties. You started becoming reliable for many things and lots of people trusted you! Heck, you even got props from managers from your other job too! You’re a hard worker y’know…

And what may have been the best part about July, was that you started to feel really happy. I mean, you were happy to go to work and you started to see the beauty in your hometown. You made friends with the lovely people at Oasis Cafe and even spent some time with the homeless. Heck, you and Oscar were good friends at this point too… And to top it off, you got lots of free stuff from Artpace! Souvenirs galore!

And what was really special, was that you saw Monique again for the first time since last year. You helped her move into her new apartment and got to reconnect with her after so many months of not seeing her. It was a special time and you’ll never forget it will you? 😉


Then, August swept July away. August came in and made you say good-bye to both your internship and your other job. You were saddened by leaving Artpace but not so much with Main Event. After all, you finally felt like part of the family at Artpace, just when you were leaving too. You tried not to be sad and cry but you practically did. No tears came out but you were crying on the inside. But it’s OK because you promised to come back sometime. You weren’t saying good-bye forever after all…

But between saying good-bye, you found time to see Alex again and Brandi! You remember Brandi right? You worked with her two summers ago and you guys still keep in touch. You spent an afternoon with her and reconnected and you spent time to lounge about with Alex too.

All that was left for you at this point, was to relax for one week before you headed back to your college town, your apartment, and your college life. You enjoyed relaxing and doing nothing for a few days because it had felt like forever since you had done something like it! To your surprise, you got to see Darryl again before you left! Yep, although he only had time to stay for a few days before leaving again. Still, you treasured that time dearly since you only see him once a year roughly.

And then, just before you left, you had a party. You invited all those who could show up possibly and you just spent one more day with them before leaving. The night came and went and then you were gone the next day. You said good-bye to your family and friends. You packed your bags and you were on your way back to your apartment. You were a little sad but you were so happy to be living your independent life again. It was bittersweet.

That left you about a week to prepare for school to start. But before getting down to business, you had to relax a little. You came back to your college town, rekindled with your roommates and celebrated like old times. You felt a bit strange being back but also good inside. You were happy.

You found time to just, well, live life for that last week. You took up a small part-time job to make a little extra money but all of your roommates were working there too. So it was all a group effort. Heck, you and your roommates even started going to the gym together. You began to feel like your roommates were your family (a really dysfunctional and happy family.)

At the end of the week, you got yourself together, your supplies, all the jazz and you lifted your head high as you went into your Senior year. And while you weren’t sure what awaited you during the year, you didn’t care and didn’t falter. You were happy that life was feeling incredible again.


Now wow! Wasn’t that a jam-packed summer? I mean, how on earth did you do it? Well, regardless of how you did it, you did. And now, it’s back to the books and the shenanigans. But it’ll be yet another adventure in life. After all, you really aren’t a kid anymore (but you’re still gonna act like one…) So, good luck buddy! You’re gonna go far…

How was your summer overall? Did you enjoy it or not? How did you grow as a person? Leave all your thoughts below!

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