Thoughts From The 28th of August (2016)

Hey there Wonderful Listeners.

I have a few thoughts that I would like to share with you all. Just because I figured they would be somewhat worth remembering, I’ll jot them down. So, I’d like to get right to it.

So yesterday was Saturday. I actually started my first day of training for Hastings and let me tell you that it was rough. It wasn’t that I couldn’t adjust to the work environment, but that so many co-workers were as clueless as I was.

While I got to learn some of the policies and how to run the register, those were the easy part. That didn’t bother me. I was bothered by the fact that I couldn’t be properly trained, if you will. After all, I was trained while so many people were in the store so I couldn’t really grasp all of the concepts I would need to know.

Still, I managed to make it through. Then I went home, and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Fast forward to today. I woke up and went to work. Since I woke up and realized that Paul was around to drive me, I had to walk. But that never bothers me. Walking to work (or anywhere for that matter) is quite normal for me. Anyway, I was jamming on the way to work to some music and I couldn’t help but dance on the way there.

You know, sometimes I wonder what others are thinking when they see me dancing and walking. I mean, I get into it like no one is there because I feel free. So, I do wonder but it doesn’t really matter now does it?

Well, I got to work at noon and clocked in for my shift. I had to work until 5 PM (4:30 really but I just rounded up.) When I got there, Lindsey (a supervisor) told me what my tasks were for the day. She mostly had me zoning the store as much as I could.

Literally, that’s what I spent all day doing. Zoning basically compromises of keeping the store in order and putting things where they belong. You know, I was just making everything presentable.

Well, let me tell you, since I got there at noon, it was still somewhat slow inside. So while I hadn’t learned the store as much as I had wanted to, I started to getย very familiar with it. Putting away all of the merchandise and having to come back to same place frequently, made it easy to learn the store.

Now I still don’t know the whole store but I do know a lot about the store now. I learned it really quickly I should say. I think I learned most of the store and I say most because they’re constantly switching things around. And boy, that knowledge came in handy today.

So while zoning, I had a lot of people ask me questions. I answered them the best that I could and honestly, I felt helpful for once since yesterday. I mean, I felt like I could sufficiently answer customers’ questions. That made me happy. Although, being stopped in the middle of my work was slightly tiresome.ย But it comes withe territory.

What also made me happy, was keeping the store in order. Honestly, it was in shambles when I arrived yesterday. I was slightly annoyed by the tragic sight but I was able to mend this problem today. Honestly, the store looked like a store instead of a pig-sty. Even though Hastings is going out of business, it doesn’t excuse the tragedy I’ve seen.

My thinking was this: even though we’ll be open for 2 more months, our job as employees can be made much easier when everything is organized. When things are organized, you can tell where something isย supposed to be so you can also fix things that are out-of-place.

I’ve gotten the impression that many of my co-workers don’t care about keeping the store reasonable. And you, that bothers me but not enough to confront them about it. After all, everyone knows that it’s only for 2 more months. But I care just because it makes my jobย so much easier. Which also means I don’t have to work as hard. ๐Ÿ˜‰

But you know what I found out today? Cleaning up the store really helped me out. I learned the store layout where things should be located and I made it look better. That eased my own stress and it made our customers much more relaxed I noticed. They found it easier to find stuff.

You know, I had so much time to sing to myself. After all, I couldn’t not do it. I love singing and it keeps me focused too. I almost wish I could pull out my headphones so I plug-in my music but I am work. So that’s a no go.

So my point stands that doing diligence matters even until the end.

But after my shift was over at 5PM, I went home. Paul was waiting there, as he had just woken up from a nap. See, little to my knowledge, he had a little trouble he had to deal with today. While I won’t spill the beans, let’s just say that all is well, but he’ll be a hard worker for the next little while.

But I’m not worried about him. He’s sensitive but he’s gonna get his act together. He always does when it counts. So I’ll be there to support him. Like I always am. ๐Ÿ™‚

But, those were my thoughts from today. I think that I’ll enjoy my 2 months at Hastings. Because, even though everyone else has already given up, I haven’t. And I want to do my best and now I feel like I’m on my way. ๐Ÿ™‚

But I hope you guys enjoyed those couple of thoughts. I know I enjoyed venting them out. So, as always, until next time, cheers!

What do you do when others around you have given up? Have you worked in a retail store before? Leave all your thoughts below!

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