Happy First Day Of Senior Year! Right?

Hey Wonderful Listeners!

So, today was my first day of classes for the Fall semester of my Senior year of college. Wow. Well, right away, there was a lot for me to digest.

Luckily, my day started around 10AM (because I’m not about that getting up early life.) But getting to school wasn’t that bad. I mean, I took the bus so it was nice. Although, I did try to go a little early because I know how the bus service is in my college town.

Look at me “adulting” out here. Just another day…

Well, not surprising, I get out to the bus and everyone and their mother is already out there waiting. Plus, when the bus showed up, it was already packed. Like, from front to back. Well, I didn’t mind waiting for the next because I was early.

When that bus showed up, I got on and ended up standing up. Like, it was still packed but it didn’t matter to me. I was just rolling back into the habit of things from last academic year. To myself, I couldn’t help but wonder a little what the day would be like.

Yeah, it’s packed. It’s always packed!

But I show up to my first class of the day at 11AM in the new and improved Sabinal (Photography) building! I did talk about this building last semester in the Spring but now that’s it’s almost completely in full-swing, it is amazing! 🙂

A sleek new face for our old building…
Oh it looks so beautiful don’t it! 🙂

But I had to go to class first. I was greeted by all of my photo friends and some new faces. Of course, it felt like no time had passed whatsoever so it was nice. But then Jessica, our professor came in.

Now I had heard stories about her through the grapevine but I kept my ears open. And thankfully so. Honestly, she’s really chill. Lots of people said she was annoying to deal with (i.e. a b*tch) but I disagree. I just think that she is assertive in her teaching methods. And for the first day, she made it really enjoyable.

But after that class ended, Jonathan and I walked over to JCM (the Art building) which is on the opposite side of campus. Jonathan tagged along because he wanted to get my advice about classes and what to expect and what he should do. I, of course, gave him my advice but I was honest too. I told him that he’ll do great things as long as he believes he can and doesn’t quit.

And just to say something as a side note, Jonathan is a great guy. However, I’m pretty sure he sees me as a role model to an extent. Because he’s always asking for my advice and has told me he wants to be like me. So, I guess that made me feel good but, yeah, that happened.

After we reached JCM, he left to go home since the 11AM was his only class today. Meanwhile, I decided to head to the Jones Dining hall with my friend Armand. We were both hungry so we got lunch together. And I also wanted to see how amazing the renovated space looked.

Well, I wasn’t disappointed at all! It’s like it upgraded from a Motel 8 to the Marriott! Everything was sleek, new and it felt extremely open in space. Like, it look so damn nice in there. Funny enough, I ran into half of my photo friends in Jones and we all sat down for lunch.

Look at all the space! The floor is actually clean. I mean, it’s incredible!

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it but I figured it would’ve been a great moment to have two of my circles combine. Armand got along with the others really well. We had a nice lunch so that makes me happy. But of course, we all had to split to get to our next class.

So I headed back to JCM for Pre-Columbian Art History. Well, that class was a mouthful. So much information on the first day and I was already over it… It made me want to drop and figure out something else but I decided against it. The class will be challenging but, I can handle it.

Anyway, at least I had Abbey there with me and some others in the class were cool people. The class is like 15 people so it’s small and intimate. And our professor is really cute; I mean, the elderly kind of cute. She’s old-school (which is annoying because everything must be handwritten) but she’s got a great personality. So I’ll see where it all goes.

Then I wasted time in the computer lab until Expanded Media II. I ended up on YouTube (no surprise) just so that I could get through my waiting time with a laugh.

But 5PM came much quicker than I thought. So I left the computer lab and headed to my Expanded Media class upstairs. As soon as I get inside, I see Melanie and Miriam from my photo friends group. But I knew they would be there. We kinda signed up for this class together.

Anyway, Liz (my Expanded Media I professor) had recommended this class because it was being taught by James Canales who is a great performance artist and not a typical staff member. Of course, this didn’t really mean much to me when she told me but I figured since I enjoyed Expanded Media I so much that I would take II with her recommendation.

Now, since coming back from my summer with Artpace, I’ve been introduced to a lot of things. One of the connections that I made was that James goes by “Jimmy James” Canales sometimes. Then it hit me after a second. He’s the same “Jimmy James” that had a residency with Artpace. Wow…

So my immediate thought is that this class is gonna be worth it. Even though I didn’t see James’s work in the archives while at Artpace, I trusted that this class would be worth every penny.

Right off the bat, James is a character. I mean, he’s a mix between awkward, comedic and light-hearted. But he comes off as a father figure almost. He did have a child recently and he did attribute his compassion towards us from that event. But it does feel homey in that class so to speak.

I will say that we did have an icebreaker and that was nice. But, you know, it’s only the first day. Still, I do hope that this class will be one to remember. Since it is performance art based, I can only imagine how far I will push my body and mind.

But I was out of the class sooner than I realized. I will quickly say though that the space where we meet has been renovated and it looks ah-maz-ing! I made it down to the bus and on home.

You know, today was kind of like an eye-opener. I mean, even though I’ve been introduced to my reality, I feel kind of overwhelmed a little. The reason being that I didn’t expect to be as busy as I will be. I mean to be frank, some things are gonna fall off here and there.

But I’ll make it through. I can only imagine how tomorrow will treat me. But I’ll be back to treat you guys to my thoughts of tomorrow too! So look forward to it.

Well, that’s all I have for you guys. Hopefully you enjoyed this post. So until next time, cheers!

How was your first day of classes? Are you excited for my Senior year? Leave all your thoughts below!

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