Thoughts From The 4th Of September (2016)

Hello Wonderful Listeners…

Today was a pretty good day. However, I am pressed for time so let me quickly take you through it shall I?

My day started early. See, I have to go to Austin, along with the rest of the officers of Middle Grey Photography Association, to meet with Troy Campa. Troy is in charge of CAMBIAart, which is an art gallery on 6th Street in Austin, Texas.

I decided to carpool with Deidre (President) because she lives fairly close to me. Chelsea (Vice President) and Miriam (Public Relations) decided to go together and meet us there. Melanie (Treasurer) could not make it unfortunately because of business she had to attend to. It’s all good though because we made it work! (By the way, I’m Secretary 🙂 )

So I headed out with Deidre around 11:45AM.

We’re on our way there! Austin looks nice today…

See, we didn’t have to meet Troy until 1PM but we really didn’t want to be late. After all, this is a sweet gig that Deidre managed to book (and I’m not sure how she did it either) so we didn’t want to mess up.

Anyway, once we all arrived there, we sat down with Troy, who is super nice, to talk about setting up our show and all that jazz. I got to see the space of the gallery (which is super duper nice!) and I started thinking about what to expect from it.

Troy is a sweet guy. He even has a dog! (right of laptop)

Now I need to say this. Figuring out how to set up a show and interacting with gallery owners is not as easy as you’d think. I mean, Troy was amazing but there was still a lot of things he needed that we didn’t have that we should’ve. We were a little discombobulated as a group because Deidre was mainly in communication. But we came together to get what we could done.

Needless to say, there’s a lot of work to do on our end but we’ll pull it together. Our meeting with Troy lasted about 45 minutes and then we were out the door. We all headed back to my college town and agreed to meet at Miriam’s place for our officer meeting at 7PM. (It was Miriam’s birthday yesterday and she wanted to have a party with friends at her house. All of the officers were invited so it made sense to have the meeting there.)

Once I got back home, I relaxed (even though I had tons of homework to get done.) I even took a nap, because why not? Funny enough, I almost overslept and was late to my officer meeting. But it all worked out.

Once I got to Miriam’s place, we had the meeting. It was quite fruitful. I put forth some ideas worth thinking about and my officers agreed with me on almost all of them. We’re still working out the logistics and whatnot of how things are gonna go but we’ll figure it out. We’re kinda loose right now because we haven’t started our club meetings yet but once we do, the ball will roll on its own.

Now, I like to have organization and I realized what a mess the club’s policies were. Well, some of them were messy but I was willing to clean them up. I’m trying to make it easier for myself to work and for others to take my place.

But after the meeting ended at 8PM, I stayed for Miriam’s party. It was a good time but I didn’t drink anything except water. I didn’t want alcohol (which by the way, ain’t all that great.)

Look at my hat. I look enthused don’t I? #stylish
Hookah, alcohol, and college kids. Definitely a good time to be had.

But I realized that I couldn’t really stay because I had work to do. I mean, I’m so behind on homework that it’s really not funny…

So since getting home around 9:45PM, I’ve been working on homework. And with that being said, I should probably get back to it. So, I hope you enjoyed that little tidbit! I’ll catch you guys later.

Until next time, cheers!

Have you put off homework when you weren’t supposed to? Have you ever been an officer of a club? Leave all your thoughts below!


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