If You Build It, They Will Come…

‘Sup Wonderful Listeners!

So, as you might have noticed, I’ve been away from my blog for quite some time. Well, not entirely. I mean, I’ve been in and out, so to speak. See I’m trying to do my best to come back here and blog about my life but I also have things to attend to!

Well, what I actually came here to talk about has more to do with what I’ve been up to while I’ve been away. See, I’m kind of working on building myself up as an artist, oh and of course I’m in school again. But more on the artist bit…

For those who don’t know, I am going to school for Art and I’m majoring in Photography. Why is this relevant? Well, it means that I kind of need to have a website that I can direct people to, to show them my artwork. But let me immediately say that I’m only in the beginning stages of this. I do have a website but it looks awfully…NOT up to part right now.

I actually have plans on directing you to this website once I get it all together and looking nice. But this got me thinking a bit about how I market myself as a fine artist. I know I’m no guru when it comes to market but I will say that I’ve been kind of skimming through techniques I found at this website called Nomvo.

If I may get sidetracked, I’d like to tell you a little something about this website. I found it and even though it’s really targeted for businesses which are building an online presence, there’s some gold nuggets buried in its trenches for us more creative people! It’s focused on presenting a resource which gives you tips and advice on digital marketing.

There’s one article that comes to mind immediately actually (click here to go there) when I think back to this website. The gist of it is about content strategy, which kinda boils down to how you organize your content to target specific audiences to get a certain reaction. It seems like a simple idea but the execution of it is much more roundabout than it seems (and some of us bloggers know that.)

In my case, I blog about my personal life and thoughts. My target audience is anyone who is willing to listen, because that’s what I’m willing to accept; that also means I make content that can apply to lots of backgrounds and not a niche. And my reaction I’m looking for, really, is interaction. I don’t always get that but at the same time, I’m not a business on my personal blog so my focus is on my content and those who like it will come and possibly interact.

But for the sake of my fine art website, this seems to hold a bit more value. After all, my goal would be to create content and organize it to target a fine art-ortiented audience, with the goal of gaining an audience and possible buyers/investors. (That sounds not so crazy anymore now these issues are actually relevant to my world now, but years ago this would be ludicrous in my mind.)

Anyway, I now I went on a tangent but go check out that website. If you’re looking to build a business, no matter what kind, you do need a marketing strategy of some kind others you won’t reach your audience. I think I’ll be referring back to that website when needed (because that’s the beauty of the internet! 🙂 )

Now, where was I? Oh yeah… Things have got me busy and building a website for my work is definitely a struggle. I am excited but it is also a process. It’s not immediate and because I’m a perfectionist, I won’t let it into the world until it really is something I’m proud of.

But I at least wanted to come a give you guys something to think about while I’m away being busy. I promise I not ignoring you (because I miss you guys so much!!) but life calls to me and grabs my attention. Don’t worry though. When I have a true moment, I come back to talk with you all.

So for now, that’s all I got. Just thought you should know at least something I’m doing. I can’t believe I’m making a website. What the heck!? Well, wish me luck on that endeavor will you. And until next time, cheers!

Whether in life or online, do you ever think about how you market yourself to the world? Do you think impressions made from marketing make a big impact? Leave all your thoughts below!

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