Ben, Georgetown, and Ramen Tatsu-Yu!

Hi Wonderful Listeners!

Well, I must admit, yesterday was quite an unexpectedly amazing day. Yes, I had plans on only doing a few things but instead, what happened was that I went on an adventure. Wouldn’t you like to know what happened? Well, I’ll tell you regardless.

My day began at about 9AM when I woke up. See, I had to get some art pieces that go into a show in Georgetown, to Georgetown between 12-3PM. I had received a text from Megan, who was originally going to take me there and then we’d grab lunch together, that she had to cancel. Unfortunately, she was experiencing health difficulties so I wished her good health and had to focus on finding another way there.

Well, I started calling people. I called Kyle but he was going to be busy today doing lots of studying so I didn’t want to pull him away from it. After all, Georgetown is a two hour round trip so it was quite a favor I would be asking rather suddenly. Luckily, I Benjamin (Ben) wasn’t doing anything today and agreed to take me there.

He picked me up at 11AM and we headed for Georgetown. Now, Megan had spoken fondly of Georgetown saying how beautiful the area is but I didn’t really understand. I had never been there. And I didn’t know how beautiful it would be outside because it was raining outside.

En route and the skies were already grey and cloudy.

But even driving through a bit of rain didn’t damper my spirits. In fact, they were raised by Ben’s chat with me. I mean, we had an hour to go to get there and we’re decent acquaintances. We talk with each other and can talk about a lot but we don’t hang out all the time because, well, we don’t. But I enjoyed what we talked about! We were actually mostly talking about our experience at 4×5 Photo Fest.

What I found most interesting in that conversation is that he was worried about what to do after graduating (just like I worry.) But his spirits, like mine, were lifted by the messages we received which affirmed our belief that all we needed to do was keeping being ourselves, honing our craft, and getting ourselves out into the world. We both already believed this but to hear professionals who currently do what we want to do (to an extent) say all of it, just eases our burden.

The rest of the conversation had mostly to do with finding things to laugh about and things we had in common. The drive really allowed me to get comfortable with having Ben around. And don’t get me wrong, I like having Ben around but I still have to get comfortable with the idea of our relationship growing into friendship.

Anyway, when we arrived at Georgetown, I immediate saw what Megan was talking about. It was stunning out there! Seriously, Georgetown has that small town feel and rightly so; it is a small town. I love small towns by the way. They feel cozy and accessible, for me anyway. I couldn’t help but take some pictures while I was around.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The sights I tell you were fabulous. But my main focus was to get my artwork where it needed to go. I had to drop two pieces off in two separate locations: one at the library and one at the art center. Ben accompanied me to both places and of course, he was shooting with his camera while I was doing all of this. I can’t say I’m surprised or that I blame him because I would do the same.

Ben while he was shooting. Photographers just get into their own world…

And while I could bore you with the details of signing paperwork and confirming details, I’m not going to. I’d rather just say that I wish I had brought my actual camera to shoot my own pictures while I was out there.

I think what drew me to the town was that it had a lot of history which was prominently visible. I am fascinated by history but I also love learning through looking so Georgetown had a nice mesh of the two.

But our time was short and we had to leave to get back to my college town. On the way out though, Ben suggested that we go eat at Ramen Tatsu-Yu in Austin. Now, I had never heard of this place so I was willing to be adventurous. After all, I love trying out new food or just going to restaurants to try food in general.

Our drive back to Austin seemed much shorter than our drive to Georgetown. I think it was because it felt so natural for us to be talking with each other that the time flew by. But we were talking about dumb stuff that was trivial.

Jump to when we got to Ramen Tatsu-Yu. I was impressed by the atmosphere of the place. It was clearly a Japanese oriented building. Ben informed me that he found this place on a whim and tried it out and loved it.

It’s definitely making me feel Japan! I love the architecture!

We ended up waiting for a tiny bit outside the restaurant. This was because the building itself was really small. I mean, the building couldn’t hold many people even if you wanted it to. But I was a bit starstruck by the imagery next to the door entrance.

See the art on the wall behind Ben? It’s like Japan meets Urban America.

I also felt good vibes from the place just waiting in line. They were playing hip-hop music outside and in the restaurant. I felt like the place was a mash-up of hip-hop culture, Japanese customs, graffiti and beautiful aesthetics. I was in love! ❤

By the time we got inside, I had decided on what I wanted. I was going to get the original ramen bowl (which has a specific name that I cannot remember.) But it took me a second to figure out what was in the meal itself because it was using japanese words in the description. Thankfully, I put two and two together by looking at the toppings portion of the menu which gave english descriptions of the toppings (which were included in the meals.)

While I could explain to you the beauty of what experience was like, I’d first like to show you a small view of the inside of the restaurant.

C’mon! It looks AMAZING!!!



Well, while we were waiting for our food, I decided to get a green tea and mineral water for my beverages. Honestly, I was just copying Ben’s order because I had never been here. But anyway, as I was sipping on my green tea (which came in a can by the way) the topic of Japan came up.

See, Ben is an interesting guy because he’s multicultural. While many of his own relatives aren’t blood-related, they are his family. In fact, he has a grandmother who lives in Japan (and is natively Japanese.) He was telling me about the lovely culture of Japan when he visited it over one of his summers.

Based on what he said, I felt more inspired to, not only travel, but go visit Japan myself. The idea of being somewhere where you walk everywhere all the time, with food being easily accessible, is alluring. Ben couldn’t stop talking about the quality of the food and life over in Japan too. Apparently, you eat A LOT in Japan all the time but since you have to walk everywhere, you stay relatively fit. And Japan makes everything fresh so things are eaten at their peak.

I can’t really remember it all but, all I know is that Japan is on my list of places to visit before I die. Oh! And wouldn’t you know it, my food is out!

My my my… I can’t wait to dig in! 

I looked at my ramen and I got excited. Of course, I was worried at the same time. Why? Because, I had to use chopsticks to eat my meal. See, I rarely use them and hardly every mastered them so I was struggling to get my first bite in. So I decided to taste the broth first.

Delicious! A pork broth had never tasted so divine I tell you. Then I tasted the noodles. Simply astounding how delectable they were without being filling. And in the remainder of the bowl were scallions (vegetable), a pork slice, a halved egg, and mushrooms. By this point, I had gotten a grasp on the chopsticks but I was much slower to eat than Ben who was used to eating with them.

Needless to say, being at that Ramen Tatsu-Yu made me interested in Japan in more ways than one. While my experience wasn’t completely authentic, it was a nice introduction to at least how one eats in Japan.

I would say that there was more to talk about here but I spent most of my time stuffing my mouth. And, rather shamelessly, I drank all of the broth too. My bowl was practically clean by the time our meal was over.

Not even ashamed. The best ramen I’ve ever had in my life!

After eating, Ben and I headed home. I began to feel a food coma coming on so the ride back felt nice. And by this time, the weather had cleared up a bit so there was some sunshine outside. But Ben dropped me off at my apartment and went home himself. I proceeded to pass out into a happy food coma on my couch. 🙂

And when I woke up, well, I spent the rest of the day doing homework and enjoying my roommates. And that made me just as happy as my adventure!

But that’s all I got for ya! Hope that adventure was somewhat cool for you to follow along with. I know I enjoyed myself. And that’s all. So, until next time, cheers!

Have you visited Japan (or would like to)? What are your thoughts on cultural experience via food? How do you bond with other people during a road trip? Leave all your thoughts below!



4 thoughts on “Ben, Georgetown, and Ramen Tatsu-Yu!

  1. What an exciting life you are leading! A simple task to drop off some art pieces became an adventure.
    It just so happens I lived in Japan for three years. Loved the decor! I never got into sushi, my parents did and now my son in law and daughter like it! We actually like Japanese Steak Houses, but it’s not like the food I ate in Japan. There were only a few things I liked there. I was a child, so that may have an impact, but loved dried seaweed and dried squid. Weird, right?

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