A Recap Of My Semester In No Particular Order (Part 3)

Greetings Wonderful Listeners!

Well, we’ve managed to get to part 3 of this entire recap. Who knows how many parts I have left to write up? I don’t even know anymore. I just keep rambling on it seems. But regardless, I suppose I’ll jump right into this little bit.

So this part is going to focus on my adventure with a company called Hastings. I wasn’t with them for a long time, but, I did make enough memories there to at least talk about it in a post. But without further ado, let me get started.

So in order for me to properly talk about my time with Hastings, I’m going to need to go back to late August and go from there. I mean, I was only with them for roughly two months but I’d like to break it down a bit more if I can. I’ll split this up between a preface (August), and the two months I was working there: September and October.


Starting out this adventure, I had no idea what was in store for me. If I may be frank, I only took up this job because my roommates were going to be working there (on top of it already being a temporary position.) It worked for what I was going to be doing during the semester (or so I thought at first.) I could balance having a small part-time job and being a full-time student.

Originally, I went in for my interview with Chris, the Store Manager, around the 21st of August. I was dressed for the part and I absolutely aced the interview. It was quite simple to be honest. Chris himself even told me that it would be easy and that it would be hard to fail.

Well, shortly after being hired, I came in for training. Let me tell you, training was not hard at all. I did already have cashier experience, as well as experience on keeping the sales floor in order and assisting customers with inquiries. Literally, this job was like a repeat of my summer job with Wal-Mart (except cooler.)

I do remember that on those training days, I had to fill out extra paperwork for tax deductions and all that other stuff. Those things are important too. Although, I took quite some time to get them one particular document, mainly because I kept forgetting. (Yes, as professional as I can be, I can also be quite the opposite. However, I did get them the document on time.)

Learning the actual layout of the store and how to work the ancient registers, was pretty simple. The register was a bit of a challenge because it was so old but I started learning as I went. I admit that I quickly learned the store layout and where things go. For some reason, that just stuck with me.

Thankfully, the training days were not long. In fact, I was training for this “sales associate” position literally two days after I got hired. I came in to train on Friday and Saturday but I wouldn’t start my first real shift until about a week later. By that time, it was practically September (only shy by a few days.)


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