A Recap Of My Semester In No Particular Order (Part 4)

Hi Wonderful Listeners.

In this part I’m going to finally dive into the regular happenings, misadventures and other shenanigans that occurred during this semester. While I would rather give each and every one of these instances their own delightful post, I cannot. I am too far into summarizing a portion which I’m quite surprised I remember so much about.

Anyway, I’ll go through September, all the way to December for this final part of the recap. Get ready for another long ramble! So, let me dive on into my life, shall I?


Most of the memories I kept from September, honestly, are of Hastings. It would be a lie to say that I won’t miss those days but, at the same time, I really won’t. Yeah. I spent most of my time adjusting to my way of at that blip of my existence.

I spent a lot of time making sure that I could be efficient in balancing a job with school and commuting to each place on foot and via bus. I took the bus to school and back home. Thankfully, I didn’t really need to change my dress attire for Hastings so that made it easier to get out the door and on my way to work.

Speaking of, let me just go into that a little bit. I walked to work from my apartment, which was one exit down from the exit I live right off of. So roughly, that’s like 3 1/2 miles of walking, just to get to work. I knew that that was going to be my reality, so I got comfortable and nonchalant about the possibility of walking in lashing heat and frigid winds, day or night, alone.

Hey, it’s not like I haven’t done this before. In fact, that was practically my entire summer, if I recall correctly… Anyway, walking everywhere I’m needed just became a part of my reality quite quickly. Of course, that eased up a bit near the end of September when my schedule began to overlap with my roommates’ schedules. This way, we could all go to work together and come home together.

Outside of work, I didn’t spend much time with other friends. School kept me quite busy at the start and I only got busier from there. I mean, Kyle and Armand came over frequently but not as much as they did starting in mid-October.

I actually spent a lot of time getting used to our living conditions as roommates. Having Anthony around was quite the joy. We had some nights where we were alone in the apartment because Paul and David were busy at night. We ended up talking quite a bit. We had some deep conversations (because I’m that person anyway as you all know.) We got close, in our own way and formed our own relationship.

I still remember a blip of all of us playing Tales of Symphonia together. It was nice and we even dedicated a few evenings and weekends to playing. (We’re still not done with it but, we’ll get there one day.)

But overall, September was like the warm-up of the semester. I mean, it was hectic but not as hectic as later months. Still, many memories are gone from this month. However, I did remember a few things so that was always nice.


Now, October had much more to leave me with. I mean, comparatively, it didn’t leave me with that much more actually but more is still more, right?

I think what I remember most about October was that a lot of things began to happen at once. I mean, school became even more demanding. I already started spending late nights there just getting things done for my photo classes. I spent more time reading articles because of art history. And I was thinking a bit more critically about certain topics due to intense reflections.

Outside of classes, I was working a lot at Hastings. I would work and then come home. There was even a few nights where I came by walking home in the darkness of midnight. I get around though so, no worries. But of course, I was also counting down the days until Hastings would close. Why? Well, remember, I realized that I needed that extra time to get my work done!

It was nice having this extra income though. I found myself buying more things and being happy that I could just go buy something I wanted just because. It was quite satisfying indeed. But not nearly as satisfying hanging out with my friends.

Now, Armand and Kyle began to come over more often. It would often end up that Armand may stay the night or Kyle would be around until 2 AM before leaving. Kyle’s time freed up a tiny bit but not much to make a huge difference in how often I saw him. Still, I did spend some quality time with the boy.

You know, I do remember all of my roommates, Kyle, and Armand, having a dinner together. I mean, Paul and I cooked up a meal that would impress a king if given a chance. We all managed to commune together through food intake and that was rather nice. We even watched a few cartoons. It was great.

Another we did a lot was get Whataburger. Because it was fast food and convenient but not too horrible, we got it a lot. Even on days where we didn’t need it, we went to grab some. Hey, it was at least a chance to be with friends though so that was always nice.

October 29th, 2016. 1:37 PM. I had Whataburger for brunch with Armand and Paul.

There’s also one day in particular, October 28th, that I schedule with Kyle to make sure I’d have his help with my thesis project. We ended up not working on it, at all. But, we did manage to make dinner and go shopping with his mom. She’s like a second mom for me, and I’m a second son. Heh. 😛

Funny enough, I remember discussing racial relations with her while we were shopping, but that’s because she brought it up. Anyway, we ended up cooking a white wine chicken over rice, topped with a sweet vanilla-flavored roux. The meal included stir-fried veggies as well. It was the bomb!

Kyle and I did a pretty grand job if I say so myself!

But I spent the rest of the night just chatting with Kyle. We had fun even though nothing really productive happened (so to speak.)

I think overall, October was the reason I had to disconnect from the blogging world. It just kept me so busy and I’m lucky to even have these few memories of it. Thankfully, my time was not wasted on anything or anyone. So, I am thankful for that at least.

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