A Recap Of My Semester In No Particular Order (Part 4)


OK. So since November accesses more recent memory, I have a few more special days, places, people, etc. to recall. Don’t get me wrong, I was still extremely busy but in different ways.

Since it was November, I was done working at Hastings. I no longer had a job and extra source of income, so that freed up quite a bit of my time. However, my school studies intensified. Just because projects were getting longer and more elaborate, and also the readings more demanding, I had to really focus on my studies.

Thankfully, I also found more time to spend with friends just doing things together. That was nice. In fact, one of the first things I did with my friends was go vote for the first time in my life.

November 4th

Around 4 PM, Armand, Paul, and I went to a government building in our county to vote. We actually tried to buck the system by getting in a line to vote only for the presidential candidates. However, I was in the wrong line. Paul and Armand both could wait in this line but not me. 😯

Nope, instead, I had to go outside and waiting in the longest line of life. I purposely didn’t want to get in that line at all which is why I went with my friends. Alas, I learned the hard way that rules are rules. I will give them this much by at least saying that instead of coming back to pick me up once I finished voting, that waited with me. Well, sort of. They waited outside with me for 30 minutes. And then I got inside and was alone.

The line extended inside. More wondrous waiting!

I will say this. I was lucky enough to stand next to someone who was my age and didn’t mind chatting with me. I mean, they could’ve kept to themselves but they didn’t. So I was thankful for that. But after waiting through all of that (and letting my mind wander), I finally got inside and voted!

It was much easier than I thought it would be. I’m not going to say who I voted for possible President of the USA, but let’s just say that I went with a sane vote.

Anyway, I got out of there and then me and my crew went home (to my apartment.) Later that night, we agreed to go see the movie Doctor Strange. I went because I had nothing better to do and didn’t want to be alone. Plus, it had been a while since I had gotten to see a movie with people and in person! My friends wanted to go because they’re comic book geeks.

Well, we went to this place called “The Spot” which had just opened up. They offered student discounts and we took full advantage of it. So our movie was cheap. We had gotten there a little early so we waited around. Paul and Armand even ordered drinks. But I will say that the inside was quite luxurious.

Appearances are clearly important! I felt rather upscale waiting around…

Once call time arrived, we went in to see the movie. Came out with a blown mind! It was fantastic! I’d recommend that you go see it if you have the chance because it was just that good. Also, see it in 3D because it’s a movie that actually looks better in 3D. That’s my opinion though.


Around this not too long after, my circle of friends from San Antonio began showing up at my apartment for Sunday night D&D (Dungeons & Dragons.) Personally, I didn’t engage but I did enjoy the idea of my friends being outside the door to my room while I studied. Even though they were distracting, the thought of knowing that they were there was comforting.

Also, I started going back to the gym with Kyle and Paul. Even though I wouldn’t be motivated to go, having them there made it easier to go. Plus, we were working out together which kept us all on each others’ backs. It kept us all going.

November 10th

I met up Kyle and Paul to tag along for a small adventure. What happened was that Kyle needed a bit of help from Paul (mostly) picking out an outfit from his closet for a semi-formal event. So we drove out to Kyle’s house to help him. However, we first got dinner at Pho Thaison, which is a Vietnamese cuisine restaurant.

5:26 PM. Nice place. The inside is nicer though…

Kyle loves eating here apparently. And I don’t blame him! The food was extravagant. I had Pho of some type although I can’t remember. It was simply divine. We actually just spent half of the conversation we were having while eating about the food we were eating. But that’s just how we get down. We’re weird like that.

Anyway, after a successful meal, we zoomed to his place. Upon arriving, we went straight for his closet. Unsurprisingly, Kyle is a very casual person like me (which isn’t a bad thing at all!) What the meant though was that putting together a semi-formal outfit out of a boatload of casual apparel would be a challenge.

Well, Paul did a great job in picking out something for Kyle. Kyle even enjoyed what he was wearing. I think I mainly helped Paul reassure in his own choices (because we work that way together a lot.) In fact, by doing this process, Kyle was able to figure out just what he had and didn’t (that he needed), along with what he doesn’t need anymore. Great results for a small project.

Afterwards, we spent the rest of the evening watching RWBY, which is an animated cartoon about a female protagonist group who all go to school together, training to be assassins of high-degree. I got hooked, needless to say, and we binged the first season (which wasn’t hard because it’s only about 2 hours long.) I haven’t finished the rest of it but I will one day (as I say about most TV I watch…)


A week later, I found myself noticing Kyle and Armand over a lot more. Kyle stayed late many nights just so he and I could battle it out in Super smash Bros. Melee. In case you don’t know, that’s a fighting game for the Gamecube playing system, which has dished out thousands of enjoyable hours of gaming and community congregation.

Kyle also made it apparent that he had a maybe-girlfriend although they probably weren’t going to be a thing (and they ended up not being one.) He even brought her over just to see what we thought of her. I like her but she wasn’t going to be the one for him. I knew that rather quickly.

This is also the point in time where I introduced {The And} to my friends. It’s a wonderful docu-series that focuses on relationship and how they function by addressing intimate questions. They made an app and I’ve been using it to get an up-close look at the relationships I have with my own friends. And thankfully, they’ve been willing to participate.

November 17th

Nothing special happened during the day. I spent most of it busy with school. However, on this night, my friend from San Antonio, Jordan, would surprise Paul and I by showing up at our apartment unexpectedly. Turns out he wanted us to watch Ip Man with him because, well, it’s an awesome movie!

By the way, this is another movie series I recommend to you guys. It’s a Kung Fu flick about true events that happened in this man’s life. It’s really inspiring, heartbreaking, and well, I just love the series. 🙂

Anyway, before we would sit down and enjoy this movie, David, my roommate, showed up to join in. We all also went to go get Sonic fast food since it was right across the street. We got boneless wings and then made some rice at our apartment to go with it. However, we weren’t in and out as fast as we had hoped we would’ve been.

Jordan and Paul. Jordan had the largest meal out of any of us so we had to wait.

Of course, since it was Jordan’s fault we were waiting for so long, we made fun of him for it. Paul and I got ours rather quickly. It’s a guy thing I guess.

Anyway! We raced back to our seats in front of the TV and then watched the movie. I enjoyed rewatching it and I was excited to see what David and Paul thought about it as well since it was their first times seeing it. They enjoyed it!

November 18th

The very next night, Kyle joined in on this parade. Jordan came back up to finish the series we had started. Although, before we watched the rest of the movies in the Ip Man series, we went out to eat.

Kyle, Paul, and I had decided on Thai Thai Cafe since it wasn’t too far, we had time, and since Kyle was craving Thai food. I am always down for Thai food so I wasn’t going to argue. I think we got there around 7:20 PM or so and we sat down to eat.

We talked about random stuff, and caught up about what was going on with each other. We were trying to find any time to spend together since upcoming exams were going to have us stressing. You know how it can be for a student when exams are closer than they appear.

We ate our food and then paid for our meals. It was such a delightful time. I even took a fortune cookie for the road. And why not? They are splendid little treats. 🙂

8:10 PM. Kyle paying for his meal. I was next in line…

We left and got back to our apartment and finished the remaining movies. It was like near midnight once we were done. I loved every second of it and all of the crew enjoyed themselves too. Although, no one wanted to get up to do anything afterwards. Because we are all lazy.

November 19th

On this day, I had remembered that I was going to attend a “Friendsgiving” that Nancy was putting on. (This is the same Nancy who is replacing Deidre as President of Middle Grey!) I brought apple-pie bites to contribute to the potluck.

You know, I showed up slightly early to help set up and things like that because I’m nice. Let me tell you, Nancy can cook! I mean, she had that turkey on point! Quite divine once I dug into it.

Everything else that other people brought was cool too. Some dishes were great, and some not my taste. But it was a chance to meet new people and mingle. I ended up spending my time around the people I knew but I also mingled with other strangers too. You know I’m not really one to sporadically jump into a conversation with someone I know absolutely nothing about.

Well, we all got together and had a good time. We chatted. We got to catch up with one another even though every one almost knew everyone else and saw them frequently.

There were a lot of people present for dinner. All in one tiny apartment too!

I did enjoy snapping some photos while I was there. I mean, granted, I was on a mission to help my thesis project progress but I did enjoy myself too. I didn’t get drunk or anything but I was almost in a food coma.

I kept myself alive and from passing out by watching the games of beer pong in freezing weather (0°C / 32°F), outside on the lawn. Almost everyone ended up moving out there. People were eager to compete or to just get away from the warm climate of Nancy’s apartment. Lots of back and forth really.

One thing that truly entertained was a particular dog of one of the guests. I believe the dog’s name was Annie. The reason she was so entertaining was because she had this particular noise she made. It almost sounded like a laugh really, like a witch’s cackle. I tried getting it on video but I missed the opportunity.

The event was a nice one. I danced. I laughed. I ate. I had fun with friends and strangers. I snapped some photos. And I made it home at a decent hour (mostly because I started getting bored.)


The following week was the week of Thanksgiving. I finished up my school duties as much as I could before leaving for San Antonio. I was hell-bent on attending Thanksgiving as opposed to last year where I didn’t. I packed everything I would need when going back to San Antonio. I knew I would need to finish a few assignments over the break so I took some school stuff.

I drove down with David, my roommate, so as to make sure I’d get where I’d need to go. I didn’t want to take a taxi or Uber down there. That’s a rather hefty fare to pay for travel. On the way, we ended up talking about how we were both almost done with our undergraduate careers. I tried to focus on the sky instead.

Halfway to our destination and it starts raining. Still, a beautiful picture!

We also stopped along the way to get some snacks. We like to snack so we thought it would be a good idea to pop into Buc-ee’s real quick.

After getting our snacks, we got back on the road. David dropped me off once we reached San Antonio and I was going to be staying in my parents’ house for the next couple of days.

November 24th

We had Thanksgiving dinner that day. Of course, my mother made my little sister and I clean the house perfectly leading up to this day. She did quite a bit of cooking too. My parents always manage to pull off the impossible on Thanksgiving. Of course, it takes a team effort when all is said and done.

5:33 PM. Spick and span! We are ready for the festivities!

Well, we had dinner prepared. All of the guests came over at 6 PM and we said grace together. Then we dug in. My plate was a rather large one, but that’s because I have a large appetite.

Round 1. Yes, I went back for Round 2 as well. And maybe Round 2.5…

What I did not expect to happen, however, did. I did not expect to run into my cousin, Gino. He came over and, needless to say, I was not completely comfortable with him being there. However, I wasn’t going to let my past with him spoil my relationship with him now.

Gino. I have incredibly mixed feelings about him. But he’s still family I suppose…

When he came over, I learned that he was in town for the holidays. Since I had last seen him, he had produced a beautiful baby girl, whom he adores. Granted, I don’t think he has the best ways of parenting but that’s his child.

What I learned from catching up with him was that he needed to make sure that I knew he was eternally apologetic towards me about our past together. He said, “I should have never let that happen to you. Ever. And I think about it every day.” To me, that is understandable. What happened between us should’ve never occurred, but it did.

(I’ll leave all of my thoughts about him for another post. A big one at that…) But I was just trying to enjoy the here and now. The present me had forgiven him and moved on. Our relationship won’t ever be what it used to but, that’s life. We evolve as people. I’m just saddened that he hasn’t moved on with his life about that incident.

Well, we managed to break past the awkwardness and we talked. Mostly my little sister and him were talking though. She hadn’t seen him in a long time and wanted to talk. I jumped in when I felt appropriate.

Funny enough, we ended up staying up late talking. I got a tad inebriated, admittedly, but I did enjoy myself. As hard as it was to do that, I managed it. I think I owe that mainly to my little sister’s presence.

And then at some point, I was asleep. Don’t know when it happened but it did.


The rest of the week I relaxed. I finished some homework and puttered around the house. Before I knew it, it was time to head back to my apartment. I drove back with David, and then focused on preparing for finals.

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