A Recap Of My Semester In No Particular Order (Part 4)


 It was a hectic couple of weeks. Still I managed to get by. The company of friends and other things made it bearable. And friends came by to help rather quickly.

December 2nd

Kyle had decided to have a kickback with some friends he invited at my apartment. Of course, I joined in on the fun because, well, it’s my apartment. I also needed a break from studying and working so hard. Paul also joined in on the fun.

Kyle showed up first. We were all waiting on Rachel, Nicole, and Cedrick to arrive so we could start congregating. We planned on going to the hot tub and relaxing because Kyle was convinced that we all needed it (and he was right.)

Rachel and Nicole showed up about twenty minutes after Kyle. We were going to get started without Cedrick but we found out that he wasn’t going to be too long. So we waited instead. While we waited, we all mingled with each other. Small talk was made and it was a good time.

Once Cedrick showed up, the fun really began. Why? Well, Cedrick and I have an incredibly playful relationship. We are always trying to out-class and shade the other whenever possible. And Cedrick gives me a run for my money so it’s refreshing 😉

We ended up making hot cocoa and watching The Polar Express. The cocoa was fantastic and I decided to pour in a bit of alcohol because, why not? I was curious, and you know what, it wasn’t bad at all. Not going to lie. Also, I love The Polar Express. It’s one of my favorite Christmas movies.

We actually spent a lot of time pointing out all of the flaws of the movie but it was still enjoyable. After the movie ended, we all went out to the hot tub.

Out there, we ended up talking about crazy happenings. I do remember specifically us talking about certain people we were glad to be rid of. You know how you can be brought closer to a person through mutual dislike. And we also talked about music and theater. Most of the people present were inclined to talk about these topics.

I think we spent a good hour outside in the hot tub and then we went back inside. After drying off and changing our clothes, we ended up listening to music and talking some more. Honestly, I kept quiet most of the time but that’s because I prefer to listen a lot of the times.

Yes, and then just like that, the night was over. Nothing extravagant happened but it was a relaxing and enjoyable night with friends.


For the next two weeks, I tackled my finals. I made an A in every class but I had mixed feelings about them. It was hard work and I was proud of myself for finishing, but I still had a lot to think about.

Armand and Kyle were over almost every other day. Kyle finished his finals early so he was over more often. Armand ended up crashing at my place for days at a time. Even though he had his own apartment to go to, he wanted to stay instead. And obviously, he was welcome anytime. We even watched The Polar Express again together.

I also spent time after finals just cleaning up my life a bit. I got rid of some things I didn’t need, and recognized what I need to focus on instead. I had moments of reflection, really.

Somewhere in there, I reconnected with Sarah. We hadn’t seen each other all semester and I wasn’t as ecstatic to see her because she had gotten boring to me. But I spent a night with her at the movies and it was wonderful. We went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which is amazing! But, Sarah surprised me because she had changed quite a bit. She had calmed down, cleaned up her friends, and I felt like I could really connect with her again.

And then I geared up to spend my last days with my friends before I left.

December 16th

I was all packed up and ready to leave for San Antonio tomorrow. I was ready to enjoy my Winter Break but, I was also sad to be leaving my college town. That meant leaving not only my college life behind for a bit, but also my college friends.

Well, Kyle made his way over to my place around 6 PM. I wasn’t expecting the gift that he gave me as an early Christmas present. A brand new tea infuser! Ahh! Kyle, you know me so well! Yes, and best believe I opened it up and used it immediately. I really did. We had some oolong mango tea and it was divine.

We also sat down and watched Dragonball Super because, hell, why not? We’re dudes. Dragonball is kind of awesome! Just Saiyan! That night, we also grabbed Chinese food from Rose Garden, which was amazing. We were all in the mood for it. Although, the traffic was not fun, mostly because of the graduation ceremony taking place that night.

I also made time to finally show Kyle my thesis project. Kyle loves seeing my artwork come together, and I’m always happy to show him. He and Paul gave me their opinions on my work and I took them with a grain of salt (as I usually do.) They said some things that I had already recognized myself and some other things I hadn’t thought about.

We ended up talking for the rest of the night until almost 4 AM. This is nothing new though. We’ve had way too many of these types of conversations over the years to count them all. And the 3 of us crave them, and look forward to them. They happen rather naturally.

And then, the rest is a blur. I fell asleep in my bed, most likely with joy…


The next day, David and I drove back to San Antonio together. That had put an official end to my semester. I was able to move on to my Winter Break.

Well, there you have it. I finally did it! Yay! 😀 That’s my semester guys. I know it wasn’t as in-depth as it could be but, hey, I managed to do a lot. I have these memories, and you guys have my stories! Hope you enjoyed the read!

Until next time, cheers!

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