Thoughts From The 19th Of December (2016)

Hey Wonderful Listeners!

Well, today was an interesting and eventful day. I couldn’t tell you if it was necessarily good or bad so instead, I’ll let you decide that. In the meantime, I’m going to hop right into my day (or night rather.)

I didn’t really do much today. Honestly, I was kind of a lush. But, I had made plans to go to dinner with some high school friends I haven’t seen in years. Mostly, I just wanted to see Marissa and Keri again. Everyone else was kind of a blur in my mind (though I remember them.)

We went to dinner around 6:30PM but Keri picked me up at like 6PM. You know, whenever we have events like this, Keri is so kind enough to come and scoop me from my house. (She’s so lovely, really.) Anyway, I dressed somewhat nicely but not all that nicely. I mean, I showed up in a like a polo shirt and some jeans but other than that, I was decent.

Marissa was back in town and so she wanted to see everyone she’s been missing. I can understand that completely. I mean, she lives in Colorado at the moment so for her to travel down here just to visit everyone is a feat. She, of course, brought her husband and child. They are such an adorable family.

Well, anyway, Keri and showed up on time (because we’re punctual people.) On the way over to BJ’s Restaurant (where we ate), we did a little bit of catching up but not a whole bunch. We did chat about how busy we’ve both been in college (her especially since he’s studying speech pathology.)

When we showed up to the dining table, Marissa was already there waiting for us. Now, aside from us, no one else was there yet, although they showed up rather quickly after we did. I admit, there was some people I ran into at this dinner that I wasn’t expecting to see.

At about 6:50PM, most people had shown up: Brooke and her new boyfriend, Ina and Jeremy and their kids, Justin and Shannon and her child, and Jaylen and Erin, and Cameron. We were still waiting on some other people but we all knew they were going to be super late (because they always are) and so we started ordering our food.

My view. Brooke to my left and Marissa’s in the middle. I do like eating here though…

I got to sit next to Keri who I came with, and surrounding me was Ina and her posse, Brooke and her boyfriend, as well as Jaylen and Erin. Honestly, I spent most of dinner talking with Keri and Ina. The reason being was because of the awkwardness with the others.

Allow me to explain. Brooke and her boyfriend I didn’t really entertain because I don’t want to really be close with them. I have a bad history with Brooke (we dated and it didn’t end well) and her boyfriend was a redneck (there’s nothing wrong with that) but also slightly racist (there is a problem with this.) Of course, because I’m an adult, I was cordial with them but I didn’t really engage. Didn’t want to go there at all…

Now Erin and Jaylen, well… we just never got close like that. Honestly, I even forgot who Jaylen was. That’s how often we ever saw/spoke to each other. I even had to ask for his name (which I felt bad about admittedly.) But Erin, we are strictly acquaintances at this point. I don’t foresee us getting close like that. It’s been 8 years and we’re still not close like that. But they are both happy together and that’s what matters.

Now, getting back to dinner. I got to catch up with Ina and it was delightful! Absolutely splendid. We’ve always had a good relationship with each other so it was easy to slide right back into the swing of things.

From what she told me, Ina’s practically a stay at home mom. Jeremy works all day and brings home the bacon. Of course, Ina wants to be a nurse but she’s got two kids so she’s taking her sweet time getting to that Nursing degree. Her daughter and son are so adorable though. If only I had a picture!

I will say, that Jeremy looks so different compared to when I last saw him (which was 2009.) Back then, he was really heavyset. Honestly, he was a house. But now, he’s the exact opposite. He’s extremely skinny. Like, to the point where I can see clavicle and cheekbone definition. I’m not sure how healthy it actually is. But from what Ina tells me, there are some minor health complications but nothing they can’t handle. Hey, as long as they’re happy and healthy, that’s what matters.

Anyway, I talked with Ina about what it’s like having to raise to kids all the time. She loves being a mom although she really treasures her free time now. I can understand that struggle somewhat. It makes sense. Keri hopped in and chatted about her appearance (because women love to do that sort of thing I suppose.) Ina does look mighty good I must admit.

At one point, we ended up throwing some shade about the people who were supposed to/did attend the dinner. We’re not gossipy people but we do have our opinions about the people around us. We briefly mentioned that we don’t see Erin and Jaylen much anymore. It’s because they’re never around and when they are they hardly engage.

We brought up how Brooke seems to be hopping between love interests. That doesn’t surprise me since even high school, she couldn’t keep a lover for longer than like 6 months (except for Terence. He’s the exception.) And we’re actually glad we don’t see her much anymore. She has always been “messy.”

And Shannon and Justin, well, they’ve always been together. They are high school sweethearts and ended up marrying and having a kid. They’re also a cute pair of parents, but, they are always late to these kinds of things. They only have one kid but even Ina has two and manages to be on time. But, that’s just who they are so we can’t compare. They’re still great people.

We all came out to see Marissa, to be honest. But, it seemed the entire dinner that we were all in our own worlds. Marissa was making rounds during dinner to chat with everyone but it didn’t go so well. I mean, the table was just to big but she did manage to say hi to at least everyone who came.

I will say, that dinner itself was excellent. I expect no less from BJ’s. But after dinner, we wrapped rather quickly and left. We all gave hugs to each other and said good-bye and went on our ways. Marissa and her husband, Keri, and I, however, all went back to Keri’s place. Her mother wanted to catch up with Marissa and see her baby. Keri’s mom is very much like that.

Well, we hit the road with Marissa following behind. We showed up and what ended up happening was quite nice.

Shortly after arriving, Keri’s mom came out to greet us. She had to talk all of our ears off and we all entertained. We’re nice like that (plus Keri’s mom is super sweet.) Thankfully, her dad was asleep because he might’ve been too much of a handful at this time of night. Well, Keri’s mom obviously asked me how I felt about graduating soon. I gave her my nervous but excited response. We chatted some more.

She then moved on to Marissa and the baby. Since she’s a mother herself, she couldn’t help but reminisce. We sat and just chatted about life, parenthood, and how things have been since our last seeing each other.

Almost 10PM here. Such social interactions are treasures really. Humble people…

We ended up watching The Polar Express (which is a phenomenal movie, I don’t care what you say) after some time. Since it’s almost Christmas, we figured why not? What made me so happy though is that Marissa and I were completely breaking down the movie for its flaws. It’s completely illogical and defies physics but, hey, we were just having fun with it. I still love the movie even though none of it physically makes sense.

Keri was hounding on us the entire time because we were “ruining” the movie for her. I mean, I though it was fun to break down a movie into its flaws and strengths. Apparently, Marissa felt the same way, but Keri, not so much. We still did it anyways, although, near the end of the movie we settled down.

After the movie ended, Keri offered that Marissa and her husband stay at the house. They accepted (although only after some convincing.) Keri decided that it would be easiest to drive me home so I ended up going home tonight. I made sure to say good-bye and give everyone hugs because I don’t get to see them often. Then Keri drove me home.

By the time I got back to my house, it was like 11:50PM. I wished Keri a good night and made my way inside to my house.


And that was my night. Not anything too special but it was something worth remembering. Well, that’s all. Catch you later. Cheers!

Do you still keep up with your high school friends? How many people from high school that you know are already parents? Leave all your thoughts below!

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