Zero To Hero: My Fashion Journey Thus Far

Hello Wonderful Listeners…

Let me tell you… I have changed. I mean, seriously, I have changed in ways I didn’t expect to but it has happened. I’m referring to my sense of fashion since you all don’t know. Yes, my fashion sense has changed dramatically.

I never expected this change to come about and in the way it did but, here I am. In fact, my entire fashion journey (which is ongoing) reached a climax very recently. I’m not sure if I’m still in the climax or if I’m reaching the falling action but either way, my journey has come a long way.

If I may, allow me to recount my journey thus far…

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A Snippet Of Sean’s Time

Wassup Listeners!

Here’s a little something for you. I had the pleasure of reconnecting with GC (you may remember him from this post) over tea. His real name is Sean, and I feel no problem using it now that that experience is water under the bridge.

I met him around 12:40pm at a place called Mocha’s and Java’s. It’s a nice little local coffee and tea spot in my college town. Anyway, we met up at that time, although we originally planned to meet up 10 minutes earlier. Eh, he was late because of a train so I mean, it happens.

Well, we grabbed our respective teas (I felt a good peppermint at the time and he got Earl Grey, a black tea) and sat down on the provided couches. What we discussed was not really all that exciting or important to be honest. However, I was nice enough to entertain the man since he’s not that bad of a guy. Plus, I was hoping that maybe I would be able to relate to him more if we talked one-on-one.

Well, we asked the usual questions: how are you classes going? Has it been hard? How do you feel about graduating? How’s life? What are you doing these days? Yada yada yada… I think we spent about an hour just chatting with each other. However, since it wasn’t about anything truly relevant or important, I can’t remember most of it.

What I do know is that in spending my time with Sean, I get conflicted. He’s a good person that I have a hard time relating to but who wants to relate with me. I don’t know how to address this situation, so I just entertain for the most part. But not to be too hard on myself and him, I do enjoy some things we talk about. But only some…

Honestly, I’m pretty sure he’s trying to connect with me because I never had anything against him. Obviously, he must have liked my company which is why he invited me to get tea during the afternoon between classes.

But, I think in the future I may visit him at his apartment and meet his dog, Daisy, and possibly say hi to Jason, his friend/roommate. But that’s for later in the future (possibly.) I think my snippet of Sean’s time was a healthy one. It was just enough and I wouldn’t mind doing it again, although, perhaps talking about something I care about maybe…

Around 1:40pm, Sean and I left. I needed to get to my 2pm class which was about 15 minutes away. Sean was nice enough to walk me over there, even though his 2pm class we would pass it by going to mine. Hey, he’s a nice guy so I suppose he’s got that going for him.

Let’s try this again sometime Sean… Maybe we’ll connect on a deeper level. Who knows?

OK. That’s all I got. Cheers guys!

Do you have acquaintances that you can’t seem to connect with in an intimate/deep way? What do you think of my predicament? Leave all your thoughts below!

An Assortment Of Thoughts From The Week Of January 16th

It’s been rather interesting as of late. School has just begun not too long ago (literally a few days ago) and I’m already thinking about so much stuff. Honestly, so much has been on my mind, even without thinking about uploading my diary entries.

I cannot quite form these thoughts into sophisticated anything as of yet. They remain quite raw, but I like that aesthetic in many aspects, especially writing. As you know, most my writing consists of “raw” material as I find it easy to present my ideas this way.

Well, I’d rather not be sidetracked with such a triviality as that. Let me get to my point about what’s been on my mind.

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Thoughts From The 16th of January (2017)

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day Wonderful Listeners!

Today was a rather nice day. Somehow, I managed to wake myself up early around 10am in preparation for school starting up again tomorrow. The first thing that managed to run through my head was taking care of some business that should’ve been addressed shortly after my holiday break started.

See, as an officer of Middle Grey, I was instructed to find galleries that would be willing to host a show put on by Middle Grey. And, of course, I waited until the day that I was supposed to have this ready to go to actually sit down and do it. (Whoops!)

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“Coming Out” To Mom & Dad…

*The following post is full of raw emotions. Strong language will be used. Discretion is advised.*

This cannot wait. I must tell you all this right now. I finally told my parents that I was bisexual. Holy shit. What did I do?

Well, thankfully, it turned out to be only in my worst nightmares that bad things would happen. Luckily for me, none of them occurred. I am only left with the initial thoughts I had on those rather fateful days.

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