Thoughts From The 2nd Of January (2017)

Well, hello again Wonderful Listeners!

Boy, oh boy! Today was a crazy day. There was so much that went down, and so unexpectedly, that I was just thrown in a whirlwind. I’m going to ramble like no other! Honestly. But you know what? That makes for an interesting story, right? 🙂

So let me just start off the story where it began— around 1pm in the afternoon. Alex had woken up before I had. I suppose the night before hadn’t hit him as hard as it had hit me. But he was nice enough to fold up the blankets I had given him and he quietly slipped out of my house. Or so he tried.

He started going downstairs and the noise woke me up. I looked over the side of my bed and noticed that Alex wasn’t there. I jumped up and ran downstairs, hoping to catch him. Luckily I did. He said that he didn’t want to wake me up (which I appreciate) but since I did catch him, I got to at least say goodbye.

What ended up happening was that his mom started asking where he was, since he didn’t come home the night before. I didn’t mean to make her worry but he assured me that all was fine. Due to the time at which we both woke up, we would have to reschedule spending an entire day together for another day. (Hopefully, that will be the day that Spencer comes to visit!)

I hugged him on the way out the door and then he was gone. He, as always, gave me that true embrace that I love so much. You know, that I-love-you-and-ain’t-afraid-to-show-it kind of embrace. I always look forward to those hugs.

Well, he left to go about the rest of his day. I spent the remainder of the early afternoon listening to the newly released No One Is Lost album by Stars. Honestly, it is another great album if you ask me. It’s electronic vibes are much more refined than in their previous album, The North, so that excited me a lot. Plus, it put a pep in my step for the day.

In the middle of listening to this album, I was folding up clothes and putting them away. I was multitasking, and doing a fair job at it. I incorporated a number of dance breaks because, well, I had to dance it out real quick! 🙂

Around 3pm, Bryan texted me to invite me to the movies with some of the other guys (Roland, Paul, Jordan, I thought.) I was about to confirm, that is until I received a text from Kyle not too much later inviting me out as well. For some reason he was going to be in San Antonio and I guess he figured that he’d invite me.

Now I had a situation on my hands. It was either I go with Bryan and the gang, go with Kyle, or find some way to do both. Of course, because I love to please, I tried to do both. Luckily for me I calculated how my times would line up with each group and I realized that I could join both parties!

Bryan & Company

Well, I got ready to go to the movies with Bryan first. I would join up with Kyle after the movie ended. I took a shower, and got dressed in some of my new clothes from Christmas. I kept it rather casual but with a nice dressy twist! I was excited to wear my new jeans with my new shirts. I paired them with some reddish-brown leather Chuck Taylors and it was a phenomenal success in my opinion.

Bryan showed up around the time he said he would, which was 4pm. I was just barely putting my shirt and shoes on when he rang the doorbell for me. I put my stuff on and rushed out the door. I had decided that rolled up sleeves would be a nice little touch to add to my outfit.

On the way to the movies, Bryan was catching me up with what had been going on in his life lately. Of course, I listened, but was half listening to be honest, mostly because I was trying to make sure my appearance was flawless as possible. But another part of it is that sometimes Bryan can be a bit long-winded with his stories.

Anyway, I chatted with him about what I had missed. I told him that we need to hang out soon outside of today, and he agreed. Funny thing though, on the way to the movies, we passed by a building I had never seen before. I asked Bryan what the building was and he told me that it was TopGolf. It’s a driving range.

Well, shortly thereafter, we arrived at The Palladium to see our movie. We were scheduled to see Sing at 4:35pm. Of course, we showed up like 5 minutes before the scheduled time and got out tickets. Thankfully, the lines were moving quickly and the seats we wanted were not taken. Because we were joining the rest of our group, we needed to be seated by them, and thankfully, those seats had not been taken.

4:32pm. We’re rushing to get out tickets, and by rushing I mean taking our time.

We walked inside and grabbed ourselves a drink. I particularly wanted an ICEE so I got that. A medium was fine since I knew that I normally have trouble finishing a medium anyway. And then we ran past the ticket man (who was a jolly midget I might add!) and handed in our tickets to gain access to our theater.

Getting inside, I saw that Roland, Jordan, and Paul were there as I somewhat expected. I didn’t expect to see Armand, as well as Anthony (my roommate) with them too! Like, the entire gang had all come together. It was kind of awesome. Turns out that Paul, who had been feeling sick, had gotten over his flu, and Anthony and Armand had carpooled down here together.

We were chatting it up about the previews of upcoming movies. In particular, Baby Boss and A Dog’s Purpose look rather entertaining. Perhaps I’ll go see them at some point. Who knows?

Then, the previews ended and the movie began. Roughly an hour and a half pass and the movie is over. (By the way, Sing was amazing. I highly recommend you go see it. It’s every musical theater kid’s dream movie.) We all exit the theater completely satisfied with our time.

As we often do, we gathered in the lobby of the Palladium and chatted about the movie itself. There were no bad reports (as I damn well expect from such a marvelous movie.) We also took this time to catch up a little with one another.

Armand was nice enough to comment on my new shirt that I was wearing. I appreciated that someone had noticed that something was different about me. (No, I wasn’t fishing for compliments.)

We migrated out of the lobby and outside after we realized that we might have been obstructing traffic and loitering. We do this far too often when we go to the movies I realize. We continued our conversation outside, and then the conflict of interests came up.

I was informed by Paul that everyone had gotten together to play Dungeons & Dragons (which I don’t play at all), which is why Armand and Anthony had driven down from my college town. They planned on leaving the theater and going back to Jordan’s place to continue shenanigans but I wasn’t interested in being silent company tonight. So I declined.

Probably the biggest reason I declined was because I needed to meet up with Kyle. When I looked at my phone after the movie, it was like 6:45pm. Kyle said he would meet me at TopGolf around 7pm. Funny how things like this happen? I would be close the place where I would need to meet Kyle after hanging out with the others. I suppose it was in the cards.

What was somewhat annoying was that Kyle had also invited Paul to meet with him at TopGolf. Of course, Paul told me this after I told him why I wouldn’t be joining the gang. This bothered me a little but not much, since I know that Kyle is closer to Paul than me and therefore he would tell Paul first. But regardless, Paul wasn’t going to join. (This interaction will be important later.)

I had Bryan drive me from the Palladium to TopGolf. It was on the way back where he needed to go so it was just a quick stop. However, the traffic was atrocious trying to leave the theater. Because the Palladium is located next to a mall, many people were trying to leave. Also, roads and traffic lights were not designed in the most efficient manner.

6:50pm. Bryan and I are leaving the theater to go to TopGolf. Traffic is awful.

We somehow managed to pull out, without getting hit or impeding traffic. Bryan dropped me off at TopGolf and I told him that maybe I would see him later. I proceeded to wait for Kyle to arrive while taking in the outside experience.

7:08pm. TopGolf huh? Well, it certainly seems nice from out here.


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