Thoughts From The 3rd of January (2017)

Wonderful Listeners,

Tonight was quite the exciting night. I didn’t know what to expect out of today, but thankfully, I got to enjoy my time with my little sister and her circle of friends. Honestly, I truly didn’t want to spend another evening in the house like I have been for the past couple of days. And you know what? It all started with a choice of clothes…

Fast forward to about 4pm in the evening. I hadn’t done anything all day except recover from the previous night out. After all, it was a wild one indeed. My little sister, Mya, had suggested that Justin, she, and I all go out somewhere and just do something. Of course, I asked her what she wanted to go do but neither her nor Justin could think of anything. I told them to think about what they wanted to go do while I got dressed.

I took the longest to get ready out of the three of us. I was torn between matching their casual outfits or stepping up mine to a dressy casual outfit. I chose the latter, because after all, I’m trying to reconfigure my own style and find out exactly what it is. So I’m experimenting with different combinations every time I go anywhere.

I’m also making a conscious effort to wear everything I picked out while Christmas shopping with my mom. I’m stepping up my game, so I need to put my skills to practice by mixing and matching my items. In th end, I decided to go with a dark and pale blue button down with khaki-colored trousers, and chocolate-brown darby dress shoes. I even played up my outfit by throwing on a watch.

Minus the hair, I think I look rather dapper…

After revealing my outfit to Mya and Justin, my little sister immediately felt the need to match my standard. So she changed out of her jeans and t-shirt and into a black jumper with a few gold accessories. If I do say so myself, I didn’t intend to make her feel under-dressed but I suppose that’s what happened.

After Mya changed, then Justin felt under-dressed so we had to leave our house and drive over to his. Mya had decided that everyone who was going to join our shenanigans tonight were also going to have to match the dressy casual memo. So we all left my house and Justin (since it was his car we were using tonight) drove us over to his house.

On the way over there, I asked Justin and Mya what they wanted to go do tonight. They didn’t know exactly what they wanted to do so instead, they told me they want to go somewhere where they could sit down and lounge, as well as eat. I took it upon myself to try to figure out where to go in the meantime while we were en route. No luck.

Well, we arrived at Justin’s house around 5:20pm. We all get out and Justin’s mother greeted us all, exclaiming about how dapper we looked (and by we, I meant my sister and myself at this point.) We made our way inside and up to his room. I had never seen his house, his family, or his room before so this was all new for me.

5:32pm. Justin’s room wasn’t what I had expected, as if I had expected anything…



Justin began picking out clothing combinations and I already felt one part of me being repulsed by the lack of options as well as his standards of dress. Admittedly, since I got my new clothes, clothing styles, norms, and all that stuff has become a little pet-peevish when I see it being done wrong. I won’t put all of his business out on the street but let’s just say I helped him figure out what he needed to be wearing.

After getting him all squared away, we headed back out the door. Interestingly enough, Justin’s neighbor ran over to him as we were getting in his car and slipped him $40, telling him to “have fun tonight.” (Man, when you live in a rich, predominantly White neighborhood and have close relationships, I tell ya…)

Anyway, we sped off not too long thereafter. I asked where we were headed next. Apparently, we went to go pick up Ashley, another one of Mya’s friends. All the while, I was still trying to figure out where we were going to go. Still no luck, however, one thing that stuck in my mind was how I was dressed.

Before going out the house, I wasn’t too sure about my outfit but after wearing it for a while, I became more comfortable with it. It was a rather nice looking outfit if I do say so myself. The reason I was so unsure was because of the fabric in the shirt, which didn’t quite match the fabric of the trousers. But, thankfully, it wasn’t something that would undo the entire ensemble.

Before I knew it, we had already arrived at Ashley’s house. Mya ran in rather quickly to go grab her, and then came back to the car with her. I greeted her when she got in and she seemed like quite the nice girl. She was had quite fair skin and auburn hair, but she was apparently a “Whexican” (half-White and half-Mexican.)

Well, we sped off once more and of course, I asked once again where we were going.

6:04pm. Justin was driving to get to Eric’s place in a hurry.

Mya informed me that we were going to pick up Eric, who lived a good 15 minutes away. En route to Eric’s house, I didn’t even try to keep thinking about what we were going to go do. I got too distracted with the sky and the sunset. I was captivated by how intense the hues were.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Who knew that colors really are that intense in the natural world?

Well, being sidetracked with color and light, I wasn’t really present in the car mentally. In fact, I was so far away that I was kind of yanked back to reality when Justin hit the brakes a bit abruptly when arriving at Eric’s house. Eric came dashing out the door and, of course, my little sister jumped out the car to go greet him.

Before we all got back in the car to head to our destination (wherever that was), we had to shift around a bit. Ashley moved to the middle of the backseat, while Eric and I sat on the sides. Then we buzzed off.

By this point, it had gotten plenty dark. We had to stop by HEB so that Eric could withdraw some money from the ATM. Justin pulled up in front of the entrance and my sister and him went inside. The rest of us relaxed in the car while Justin mindlessly drove around the packed parking lot. I think Eric and my sister were gone for about seven minutes and then we drove back around to pick them up.

Somehow in that time, Mya had decided to go meet up with one of her associates to get something he was returning to her. Well, before we got over there, we stopped in at McDonald’s and pulled our money together to get some cheap food for later. En route to Main Event, where we met up with Mya’s associate, I was counting some bills for Mya. She owed him some money and she wanted to make sure it was all right, so I counted it for her. She was a little over…

Upon arriving to Main Event, we sat and chilled for a second. Eric was a smoker and decided to have a cigarette outside the car. So, somehow, my sister got the idea to blast some dance music in the parking lot while we waited, get out the car, and dance. I joined in of course, because I wasn’t doing anything else after all!

While waiting, I noticed that we were parked next to two other cars. Apparently, somebody was selling someone else a ferret. That’s an interesting thing to find in a parking lot, wouldn’t you agree? Everyone else noticed it too, and for some reason, they were just outwardly baffled by it. What’s so strange about a pet exchange?

Sooner than we expected, Mya’s associate, Steven, pulled up just after we finished dancing. Mya took her money and traded that for her…whatever he needed to give back. None of my business. He stopped in, and then left just as quick. It was rather interesting.

For a second, we just sat there. We were unsure of what to do, and that’s when we decided that being a little inebriated would settle our thirst for adventure. So we booked it back to Ashley’s garage. She volunteered the space, and so we just took the opportunity. On the way, we decided that we could do with a bit of relaxing, just before going to possibly drink a bit.

Ashley also volunteered to get us all free milkshakes from Whataburger on the way to her house. We all accepted of course. Justin managed to get us there in one piece and we rolled in there as a group. I got my vanilla milkshake and it gave me all of the things I wanted! Yes indeed. Eric and Justin had gotten hungry and so they even convinced her to get a 50% on their meals. Smart guys…

Well, after that we arrived at Ashley’s spot, and walked into her garage. She had a reasonably nice garage but her aunt was chilling inside. She quickly left thankfully, and it was just the gang. We pulled out a bit of vodka lemonade, but I wasn’t interested in it. Funny enough, only Eric and Ashley even drank that, but hardly any of it. I guess, no one was interested in getting tipsy.

8:06pm. We were busy sipping on our free milkshakes from Whataburger to drink.

Then, her little sister (or cousin maybe?) came in. Honestly, she was kind of annoying. I mean, she was disrespecting me a bit by trying to be sassy and “cute” but it really wasn’t cute. It was just annoying. But I didn’t lose my cool or anything. I was just more shocked than anything. She also didn’t want to leave us be but Ashley managed to convince her.

To be honest, at this point, we were all getting a bit bored of being there. Justin, Mya, and Eric all switched shoes just so see what they looked like, and for the hell of it. Honestly, it was kind of funny because Eric was joking about how “Chino” he looked when he put on Justin’s shoes. And then, he almost didn’t want to give them back… XD

But yeah, we got bored and then said our goodbyes to Ashley. She needed to be home by 9pm and it was approaching 8:30pm so we figured that we should just call it a night with her. She hugged us all on the way out and you know what, she was really nice. She was rather innocent in appearance but I learned that appearances are deceiving indeed…

So we left with one less party member. I said it would be a good idea to head back to a park and just sit there and chill. Some of us had been drinking and others were too relaxed to do much of anything else. I figured a park would allow us to get up and move a bit.

Well, we ended up staying at the park just chilling and talking. I enjoy moments like these indeed. Eric ended up pulling out his make up kit and he did both Mya’s and Justin’s make up. Admittedly, Eric can do make up pretty damn well but I would expect no less from someone whose eyebrows are always on point…

I had to give the credit where it was due. Eric had my sister looking stunning, even though some of the colors didn’t match her skin tone (no shade.) But Justin’s… Ooh. That was tragic… mainly because Eric couldn’t finish it. Why? Well, we had lost track of time and forgot Eric had to be home by 10pm and the time was about 9:50pm.

We all packed it up and zoomed out of the park and got back on the road. We were on a mission to get Eric home in time and you know what? We still, somehow, managed to get him there on time even though we projected to arrive late regardless. But that’s my sister’s driving for ya… she doesn’t play games when getting to her destination.

Well, we dropped of Eric and then suddenly, it was the original three of the evening again. We decided on the way home that getting some Sonic fast food would be such a good idea. And you know what? It was. I was getting hungry.

10:18pm. We arrived at Sonic just when we were all getting hungry again.

Well, we pulled up in the parking spot but we were informed that only the drive-thru was open. So, we grudgingly pulled into the drive-thru instead. And, for some reason, it didn’t occur to me to announce that there were three separate orders in the car. So instead, only Justin and Mya got their food and I got nothing. I know. How did I mess that up?

But you know, it’s times like these that make me happy that I have such a close relationship with my little sister. She gave me her drink since I didn’t get to order. I was so lucky with that too because I was going to only order the drink that she got so in the end, everyone got what they wanted (sorta.)

Then, Justin got us home. We got out the car and bid him a good night. Unfortunately, we had to come back to a kitchen to clean but we breezed through it somehow (as we always do.) And then I headed upstairs to my room, because I was done for the night.

I had gotten to dress up a bit, test drive some style choices. I had gotten to get out of the house. I had gotten to hang with some decently cool people and get loose. So, overall, I’d say it was a pretty good night. And that’s all I could ask for really. 🙂


Well that wraps up this night. It was quite fun. I do hope you guys enjoyed that long ramble of mine. So, until next time, cheers!

Do you like getting “dressy” just for the heck of it? What do you usually go and do with friends when you all go out? Leave all your thoughts below!


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