Thoughts From The 4th of January (2017)

Hey…Wonderful Listeners.

Ugh, I did not wake up necessarily in a great mood today. I mean, granted, I had been up since 4am because I couldn’t fall asleep again. But, oh, I suppose I should get to my actual point huh? Sorry, my mind is a bit foggy.

Well, I was up at 4am, and I just watched fashion videos until like 11:30am. I’ve noticed that fashion has grown a new meaning for me in the recent past months. It’s become important to me because I’ve finally gotten quite fed up with having ill-fitted and unflattering clothing.

I also like educating myself on fashion too. Knowing the facts and history of things helps me understand the better and appreciate things more.(I’ll get more into my relationship with fashion in another post.) So, yes, somehow, I entertained myself with fashion tips, style choices, ย and even went so far as to switch to tailoring. I tell ya, YouTube can be a whirlpool that’s hard to get out of.

Well, if you were wondering exactly who I was watching, I’d say that it wasย The Gentleman’s Gazette. I love Sven who hosts the show. He’s incredibly infectious and quite well-read. I love someone who has a great personality and is smart up to their nostrils about something.

Well, around 11:30am, I decided to fall back to sleep. I had gotten to see the sun rise and shift from a muddy, greyish-blue to a light sky blue with a dash of grey. Honestly, it was quite the grey day outside and, it suddenly felt like winter had reached Texas.

My family dog, Sasha, came scratching at my door at about 10:30am and so I let her in. She was looking for a place to relax with a change of scenery. Or, perhaps she came to collect her morning rubs? I think it was both speaking frankly. She let me rub her belly, get all behind her ears, and even the underside of her chin (and she hates having her face touched!)

I laid in bed for such a long time. I felt the cold wind descending and the temperature dropping all day. I didn’t want to get out of bed, so I didn’t. But what I didn’t expect to happen was to feel the onset of allergies after waking up from my nap. That was quite awful.

I woke up with the sniffles, a stuffy nose, and with an itchy throat and ears. Something like this is quite normal for this time of year for me. The mountain cedar descends and I flare up like no other. I was just hoping that my day could be quite tame, but alas, it wasn’t such a smooth day.

But, waking up felt rather interesting. I felt like part of the day had been wasted away but that I needed to waste the day away. Mixed feelings I suppose. Still, I had little time to really process how I felt after waking up because I was asked to help out with taking down the Christmas decorations.

I slipped on a sweater and my sneakers, and trudged downstairs and outside. I took down the garland along the fence, and the ornaments hung from the tree in front of the house. I felt rather numb while doing so, at least until I got to the ornaments and the last clump of garland.

The ornaments were in rather tall branches that I could hardly reach. Not only that, they were tied with wire so I had to untangle that wire while on my tippy-toes. It wasn’t difficult but it was an extra bit of effort I had to commit to the overall task.

Then I went to take down the garland lining the garage door. I tried being gentle with it but that didn’t happen. The wires were stapled across the door’s lining and I couldn’t slip them out. It didn’t occur to me to just tug the entire thing out, but thankfully my mind was there to remind me.

You know, she even managed to help me move the swing that sits by our front door, into the backyard that makes up the side of the house. I was quite disgusted when I realized that in the process of moving and picking it up, the swing started to ooze out a sludge. It got on my sweater and my face. After moving the thing, I ran inside to put the sweater, now un-wearable, into the washing machine. Then I washed off my own face and hands.

After taking care of that tragic occurrence, I was asked what I wouldn’t mind enjoying for dinner? My mother immediately suggested soup, and I thought that was a splendid idea but my sister disagreed. Well, we ended up with soup anyway. I had decided that a Chicken & Turkey White Rice Soup would be an excellent idea.

My mom agreed and made the soup. She was working on it for like three hours but boy it was worth the wait. And so I ate the deliciously balanced masterpiece, took 2 teaspoons of allergy medicine, and popped up here onto the blog-o-sphere to chat with you guys. I’m eating that deliciousness right now.

How delectable! It was such a lovely treat from Mom. ๐Ÿ™‚

And I can anticipate that the rest of this evening will be spent simply lounging about. I’m most likely going to continue watching videos or something, or I’ll poke back into my missed weekly digests of bloggers. I’ve been quite behind with that and I would like to start catching back up.

Well, I do suppose that’s all of the thoughts from the day. There’s plenty more things I would like to talk about, so perhaps I will go work on that? In the meantime, I suppose I’ll see you guys later! Cheers!

What do you like to do on cold, grey days? How would you rate my day in? Leave all your thoughts below!


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