Thoughts From The 8th Of January (2017)

Good evening Wonderful Listeners.

My overall day today was quite relaxed. I went on a small adventure (and I do love a good adventure) with my friends today. Shall, I just recall quickly for you the events that have lapsed? 🙂

I woke up rather early today (and by early I mean around 11:30am.) Since being up, I spent the day playing video games that I enjoy. I tried to enjoy them since I hadn’t really touched them since coming home. I spent about six hours just playing. It was a nice break from…my break.

Then, out of nowhere, I received a message from the gang (Bryan, Paul, Roland, Armand, Anthony) asking if I’d like to go see another movie. I accept, although, I didn’t leave much time for myself to get ready. Luckily, I know how to move fast in these situations.

Somehow, someway, I managed to trim my head hair, my facial hair, take a shower, and find a nice outfit for the evening. Don’t ask me how I did it! Rushing to get the job done took years of practice… 😉

Well, around 6:55pm, Bryan and Roland arrive to pick me up. We carpool together to a theater rather far from our usual area of adventuring. It was Roland’s idea since he wanted to sit in a theater with reclining chairs. I didn’t care either way (nor did the other guys.)

On the way over there, Bryan and Roland are conversing. I’m not really in the conversation because it doesn’t interest me. No, instead, I was fighting to stay awake in the car. It was 39°F outside and probably in the 70s inside the car. Perfect conditions for me to fall asleep. Thankfully, I pulled through somehow.

After pulling up to the theater at about 7:30pm (and by the way the movie started at 7:10pm) we run inside. Paul and Anthony are already there waiting on us, and they had already bought their tickets. Bryan, Roland, and I hadn’t. They ended up refunding theirs.

(Very quickly, I’d like to add that Paul gave me a compliment on my outfit. Specifically, he liked my jacket of choice for the night. I took it with gratitude, and I’ve noticed that people are commenting on how nicely dressed I’ve been lately. I kinda like it. 🙂 And I had to compliment him on his new boots, although I never it. I kept it in my head, mainly because I wanted them for myself. They were that nice… But, it’s Paul I’m talking about. He loves fashion.)

Since we had missed much of our initially picked movie already, we decide to get tickets to a new one instead, that hadn’t started yet. We pick Passengers for our choice. (By the way, that’s a damn good movie. I almost cried…) We grab our popcorn, drinks, and then zoom into the theater.

The allotted time for the movie goes by and then we leave. We decided after seeing the movie to head to Knight Watch Games. I had no idea what this place was, and I was already ditching my mother’s fondue dinner (which she wanted me to be there to try with her.) I felt bad but I go with the guys anyway…

When we arrive, I’m surprised by what I see. Inside, it’s definitely a role-playing geek’s asylum. I saw Magic the Gathering posters, suits of armor for knights, swords, board games, dice of all different numbers, colors, and sides, and lots of game tables. I could tell this store was used to hold tournaments. Of course the gang wanted to come here. It’s perfect for them.

Well, I suck up my feelings and try to enjoy myself. Roland picks out a game called Coven. It’s a board game based on witchcraft and rituals. Admittedly, we all agreed that Roland could not have picked a more difficult game to learn and play, with only one hour to stay in the store. Good job Roland! XD

That instruction booklet never left our hands. We were all trying to make it work out!
Once we got past the struggles of learning the rules, I found the game to be quite fun. In fact, I was actually enjoying myself. Now, did I see myself picking up something else like Dungeons & Dragons or Magic the Gathering? Hell no! But… I did enjoy playing Coven at least…

Funny enough, we ended up staying like 15 minutes past closing because the owner of the shop was in his own game of Dice Masters. But we didn’t over stay our welcome thankfully. Afterwards, we split for the night.

Roland was feeling hungry and so was Bryan (and myself actually..) so we hit up McDonald’s on the way home. Bryan covers our orders because, well, he’s just nice like that… I was going to cover Roland and myself but Bryan just whipped out his money before I could reach my card. (Fine, you can pay again Bryan…)

On the way to drop of Roland, Bryan gets into a conversation about capitalism, and government reform for the sake of higher standards of living. My ears perked a little bit. After dropping of Roland, Bryan directed his attention to me. I entertain his conversation on the way home.

What ends up happening is we slip into one of our late night car conversations just outside my house. We arrived at like 1:30am or so but I didn’t leave the car until an hour later. These kinds of talks happen frequently when Bryan drives me home late at night. Thankfully, I can walk to his house so I know he’s always safe getting home.

What we talked about was intriguing but, as always, it was all over the place. Bryan has this unfortunate condition where his brain moves faster than his mouth and so he stumbles over his words a lot. Having a conversation with him is like trying to learn the lyrics of a song when hearing it for the first time while the record keeps skipping and jumping. But… that’s a part of his charm.

He’s a great guy with great conversation. Just the act of listening for what he wants to tell you can be a chore sometimes. And… of course, because he rambles, some things he talked about I didn’t much care for but I listened respectfully. I’d want the same treatment so I bite my tongue when necessary. He still manages to get a smile from me though.

After that conversation, I headed inside. I debated on cleaning the kitchen in the morning when I woke up. I hesitate and decide to do it before going to retire for the night. Thankfully, it gave me a chance to clear my head. I tried to be quiet but clattering dishes can be a bit noisy sometimes. Either way, that kitchen is going to be a warm welcome in the morning for someone…

And for me, I kept mumbling to myself as I snuck upstairs to my room. I tried to not think about the (I assume) wonderful fondue I missed out on. I tried not to think about how my mother felt when she realized I wasn’t going to be there to eat it in person. I just wanted to get to my room. Sleep was calling my name. It was going to help me stop focusing on what could’ve been. And just like that, one plop on the bed and… snooze.


Well, that’s that. Not quite the biggest adventure but one for the books I suppose. I do hope you enjoyed that much shorter story from my life. Do take care. Cheers!

Have you ever had fondue? If so, what’s it like? Want to say something else? Leave all your thoughts below!

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