Thoughts From The 16th of January (2017)

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day Wonderful Listeners!

Today was a rather nice day. Somehow, I managed to wake myself up early around 10am in preparation for school starting up again tomorrow. The first thing that managed to run through my head was taking care of some business that should’ve been addressed shortly after my holiday break started.

See, as an officer of Middle Grey, I was instructed to find galleries that would be willing to host a show put on by Middle Grey. And, of course, I waited until the day that I was supposed to have this ready to go to actually sit down and do it. (Whoops!)

Well, I spent about one hour on this, speeding through possible galleries to contact. I came up with a list of galleries from San Antonio, and was going to spread out from there. I think I managed to pull together about 6-7 possible contacts in that timeframe. Of course, to keep myself in the mood and completely focused, I was listening to some nice piano compilations…

After that first hour, Armand came into my room from the living room. He ended up sleeping on the couch last night (again…) But, he came into my room and invited me to go and get some Chick-fil-a (a chicken sandwich fast food joint) with him. Since I had gotten a decent number of possible contacts, I agreed to tag along.

It was a cool morning outside but not cool enough for a jacket. We hopped into his car, popped into the drive-thru of the establishment, then sped back to my apartment. I ended up eating my meal and watching an episode of Friends with Armand (even though I don’t particularly like the show.)

After finishing my meal, I went back to working on my gallery contacts for a tiny bit. I found like one other contact and then I called it quits. I ended up dancing in my room to some music for about 30 minutes before I fell out in my bed to relax. During that time in my bed, I texted my Middle Grey group chat, to see if someone could come pick me up for the meeting at 2pm. Thankfully, Miriam was available.

I actually only got to lay in before like 30 minutes before Miriam was outside my apartment. I grabbed my bag and headed out the door (even though I really didn’t want to go anywhere after getting cozy.) We drove over to Nancy’s apartment (she’s the President) and we got there a tad bit earlier than we usually do. But catching up with Miriam during the car ride was nice.

After getting to Nancy’s place, we settle in. Nancy was kind enough to make enchiladas for everyone! (That’s kind of her thing. She likes cooking for people.) Chelsea shows up not too long after Miriam and I do, and the rest of us were aware that Melanie was not going to be attending this meeting due to complications.

Well, we spent about a good 30 minutes just catching up with each other. Honestly, we were grubbing on Nancy’s delicious food and talking about our experiences during the break. Mainly Chelsea was mouthing off about her break because she loves to talk, but we let her because we enjoy her stories.

(A little funny sidenote: Nancy did break out a bit of red wine. However, none of us could get it open for some reason. We all felt weak, especially me since the girls were hoping I could get it open. Nope! But Nancy eventually got it open, thankfully.)

After catching up, we jump right into the meeting. Of course, it is a meeting for my organization which I can’t just up and say what we discussed. However, I think we’re in good company and ideas for this coming semester. Lots of things were discussed for this Spring and I’m excited to see where we end up by May!

The meeting managed to last about an hour and a half and then we all left Nancy’s place. Since I’m Secretary, it was also my job to make sure to send out an email to all of us just to recap the meeting itself. (I’m still working on that.) Miriam drove me back to my apartment and the first thing I do is crash on my bed.

Of course, right after flopping on it, Kyle comes through the door about 5 minutes later asking if I want to work out with Paul and him. Even though I didn’t want to move (again), I still said yes because I knew that I needed to go work out. Plus, it’s a thing for the three of us to go hit the gym. We all go hit the gym for at least an hour and a half. I weight train my arms for the gains. It’s painful but always worth it!

During the workout though, Paul runs this little bit of information by me that a number of things happened last night after I went to bed. Apparently, Bryan came to him and started talking about suicide; to add, Armand, woke up from sleep with sleep paralysis having a panic attack. For Paul, I know he was overwhelmed with the situation but he managed. He’s a good guy like that.

While I admit that these occurrences are tragic, I can only offer sympathy for them since I wasn’t around to help. And I’m genuine about it too. Paul almost suggested to Kyle and I that Armand might be “haunted” but Kyle was pretty sure that he wasn’t. We trust Kyle on those things since he’s into paranormal happenings.

Anyway, after the workout, we hit up Subway. Honestly, we didn’t feel like eating a protein shake so instead we get food. And let me tell you, that sandwich hit the spot for me!

Post-workout hunger man… We were about to demolish!

After coming back to the apartment, we snack on our food while watching Dragonball Super. Of course, since Kyle and Paul are adamant watchers, they were light years ahead of me so I ended up with some spoilers watching it with them. I didn’t really care though since I anticipate I won’t watch it by myself.

At some point around 8pm, Paul mentions he has to drive back home to San Antonio to pick up some clothes. So both Kyle and he pack up their stuff and head out the door. I’m still lounging on the couch at this point. And then not long thereafter, Anthony walks through the door (coming home from work.)

We ended up watching Naruto Shippuden together and at some point, Armand joined us as well. (Armand had been asleep on the couch since we left to go to the gym.) We sat there watching these episodes from like 4 hours. No joke. Even though Armand and I had basically seen these particular episodes already, we enjoyed watching Anthony react to what was happening in the storyline.

At 12:30am, we call it quits for the night. Armand leaves to go home and Anthony retires to his room. I go to my own room and that’s pretty much it for the day as a whole. It was quite the nice, laid-back MLK day if you ask me. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t screwed for getting up for class the next day!

Well, hope you all enjoyed that. Until next time, cheers!

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