When A Crush Evolves…

Hello Wonderful Listeners…

Um, how do I explain myself? Well, you remember that post I did some days ago about my crushes? Well, I have some new feelings that have fostered and I’m not quite sure how to feel about them. So I figured why not just vent them out?

Well, I’m going to specifically talk about Chris this time… So, I found out some new things about him after observing him for the past little while.

I’ve noticed that he rides the same bus route as I do, which means that he doesn’t live very far away. I’ve noticed that he’s often in running clothes a lot, which suggests that health is important to him in some capacity. (He does have a fit enough body to reinforce the idea.)

Also, I came realize today actually that he’s a reader as well. I walked into class and there he was, reading a book. I don’t know if maybe it was for fun, or for study, but what it did tell me was that he does take learning and knowledge to a serious point. He had no obligations to be reading prior to the start of class yet he chose to. Not only that, he didn’t want to be interrupted.

I actually respect that thirst for knowledge a lot. Or, if nothing else, it tells me that he’s always going to be learning something. That’s a good thing. I also realized today during the lecture that he’s extremely well-spoken, yet casual (which I like.) That’s also a plus.

So what does all of this have to do with what I actually wanted to say? Well, here’s the thing: I’m not really crushing on him for the appearance anymore. I mean, I validated that he’s handsome but that’s not where my head is at anymore. In fact, I still would like to get to know him but not for the sake of satisfying my eyes. It would be for the sake of satisfying my mind.

It’s really interesting for me to notice this change. I’ve gone from drooling over him (not literally) to admiring him. It’s funny because I think about what would’ve happened if I had approached him when I was still drooling. Would I have gotten to this point, past the superficial? I don’t know.

It shows me that crushes actually evolve. They change with each time you see the person and as you know of them for longer. Your opinion of them changes and that affects your desire for them in some capacity.

But I think I got to this point because I imagined the worst case scenario for the hypothetical of Chris and I dating. He’s attractive but then I find out that I don’t actually like his personality. I find out that he’s not as wonderful as I fantasized him being. That simple thought, made me recoil. Suddenly, I couldn’t see Chris as perfect anymore (nor Daemond for that matter.)

Yet, it’s impressive that I still hold the desire to want to get to know him at least. This reminds me of why I usually dismiss looks in the first place. Normally, because I’m far too concerned about what lies beneath, and how your brain works, and who you are as a person. That is what is important to me.

So you know what? I don’t feel bad for wanting to get to know him. And… I don’t feel bad that I still think he’s attractive. I suppose that I’m just happy that I’m not into him because of just his looks. I guess that’s what makes me happy about this evolution. So…yeah.

OK. Um, I think I’m out of stuff to talk about. That’s really all I wanted to talk about. My hope is that I can find some way to maybe get to know him. Perhaps, I can invite him to a party or something somewhere? Maybe I just ask him if he would like to grab lunch sometime? I dunno. How do you go about asking to get to know someone (organically at that) that you are crushing on but don’t want them to know you’re crushing on them?

Huh… That’s a toughie. Well, hopefully I figure that out. OK. I’m done. Cheers.

Got any advice for me on how to go about this predicament? Should I just be upfront with him? Leave all your thoughts below!


14 thoughts on “When A Crush Evolves…

  1. Well I don’t have any advice to offer, as I am inexperienced in the matter as well. But one thing I commend is that, I think it’s a good thing you admire a person because of who he/she is. Especially when that person has a lot of positive traits that makes you want to imitate them and eventually improving yourself later on. Who knows? Maybe once you get to know this person more, you change and grow for the betterment of yourself! Have a nice day ahead!

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      1. With my misadventures in life, I learned that honesty is really the best policy. Sometimes, we are just torturing ourselves with “what ifs” because we hadn’t been honest. Or even if we’re honest enough, if you don’t talk, nothing will happen. I think you should just play it cool and yeah, invite him to a lunch or something, just like what you’ve said… =)

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            1. Yeah. I’m not so smooth in that department. Honestly, most often I just tell people how I feel… that is when I’m not bashful about how I feel. 😛
              By the way, thank you for reading my blog. It’s been somewhat of a while since I’ve had a reader that interacts so much. 🙂

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              1. You’re welcome~
                I’m currently taking a rest from writing blogs so I focus more on commenting on other people’s blogs…
                It’s fun interacting with fellow bloggers =)
                Anyway, you’ll be able to come up with a good idea eventually…
                Why not try interviewing some friends? Maybe you might be able to get some ideas…

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                1. Interviewing some friends..? Huh. Basically ask them for advice? You would think that would’ve crossed my mind but it didn’t. Maybe I should. They’ve at least had some experience with this kind of thing. Why are you ideas so marvelous?! 😀

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                  1. Hahaha…I don’t think my ideas are marvelous, but thank you =)
                    I have a very few experiences so I tend to observe other people instead and learn from their mistakes, that’s why I came up with that idea~
                    Hope it helps you =)

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                  2. See, that’s why they’re marvelous. I mean, I’m biased because I do the exact same thing you do but it’s not always easy to apply what you’ve learned from observation. Y’know? But yes, it does help.

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                  3. Hmmm…. personally, I think I am kinda same like you. Not everything I observe, I easily apply in real life. I’m the kind of person who’s good at giving advice but also the one needing advice (hahaha)
                    I think we all do…
                    But don’t fret too much…you’ll be fine and maybe you might try some crazy antics, and look funny, but hey, sometimes it leads to better consequences =)

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