Some Thoughts About Life After Graduating

Hi Wonderful Listeners.

So, if you’ve been keeping up recently, you’ll know that I’m almost about to graduate from college. I know, crazy right? But then you’d also know that I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’m going to do after I graduate…

That’s the part that’s got me shaking in my boots. Honestly, I’ve been scared for quite a long time. Admittedly, this was because everyone seemed to have an expectation of me that I’d have my life figured out at this point and I’d jump right into the next thing. But that’s not me.

No, I have come to the conclusion that I need to give myself a year to figure things out. You know, perhaps I may not know what to do right now, but I will know eventually. I just need to give myself some time to get there. No need to rush, because, it is my life after all.

So what I’ve decided is that I will continue to live in my college town for one more year. While I debated moving back to San Antonio and back home with my parents and giving myself a year there, I just wasn’t ready to leave. I’m not ready to leave my college town quite yet, and to add, I’d like to live with my best friends for one more year if possible. I enjoy living with them.

In the meantime, what I’ve realized that I need to do is figure out who to keep myself afloat, and fully self-sufficient. In particular, that means finding a good job with decent pay while I continue to live here. This is actually really important because I’ll be moving apartments and will have a higher rent to pay. I’ve already budgeted what my job will have to pay and exactly what I can buy with that money.

See, much like it’s been thus far, I’m on my own out here. I can’t really depend on my parents to support me anymore, like at all. They want me to be happy but I need to be able to support myself without question. That means that my job must be stable, secure, and leave room for other opportunities of income.

I’m hoping to snag a job on campus in the art department somewhere. If not, I’ll have to take my job search elsewhere.

I’ve got to finalize getting a driver’s license, and possibly securing a car. Yep, it was inevitable, but I’ll need to face those fears head-on. At this point, I have no choice in that matter anymore. I’ll need a car to get around and I need to be a valid driver, lest I risk being sent to jail.

Outside of just living, I’ve also got to start paying back those student loans. Yep, that was coming. But I’m less worried about that. I do need to get on a secure, affordable, payment plan though.

I’ll also have to chase my personal endeavors. Since I won’t be worried about school anymore, I’ll have time to just do what I want to do. Of course, that means I’ll actually be working harder than I ever have. And I know I can do it. I just have to stay focused. I’ll have more time to get back to blogging, which will be nice. 🙂 But then again…perhaps not. 😦

Well, that all remains to be seen. While I cannot be dependent on anyone except myself, it is all a part of life, a part of figuring things out. Sure, I admit that I’m scared and ignorant and lost. Sure, I’m going to make mistakes. But guess what? I’m still going to keep going. That’s what it’s all about right?!

*breathes sigh of relief* So, here’s what on the list of things to do after graduating (and then some):

  1. Secure a stable, well-paying job come August of 2017
  2. Get my driver’s license so I will be a valid driver
  3. Begin looking into car options
  4. Continue building your artist website
  5. Continue to make artwork
  6. Start paying off student loans
  7. Keep blogging
  8. Continue to invest money in savings
  9. Build yourself up as a photographer commercially
  10. Figure out where to go after 1 year’s time

I’m giving myself 365 days from the time I move into that apartment with my friends. That’s plenty of time to get a number (if not all) of these things done. I normally don’t set goals (which I’ve said before) but this time it’s actually really important. I’m going to be jumping into the ultimate test of self-accountability. (No pressure!)

It’s OK though. At least I will have the summer to also find time to figure these things out. That’s also a nice thing. But hey, these are just some thoughts for the future. Besides, I haven’t even gotten out of February yet… 😛 Cheers!

How nervous were you after graduating? Did you try to have a plan? Leave all your thoughts below!


2 thoughts on “Some Thoughts About Life After Graduating

    1. Why thank you! By the way, welcome to my humble abode. Do try to make yourself comfortable.
      I think as long as you have that goal and don’t give up, you’ll be achieving it. Most people are helped in silent and unexpected ways.

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