Now, I Just Wait…

Hey Wonderful Listeners.

Well, I’m back again… Can you guess what I have to talk about? Any takers..?

It’s Chris. (I know. Surprise…) But I have some new developments about him. And I’ll try to keep it really simple (and maybe short.)

I finally let Chris know today that I’m interested in getting to know him. No, I didn’t say I was interested in dating him or anything, only simply getting to know him better. And I did so via a note.

It was kind of awkward the way that I handed him the note. I was in class and he was on his way out, so I kind of just interrupted him and passed him the note while he was leaving. I said, “This is for you.” He kept walking but under his breath said, “What’s this?”

Well, needless to say, I’m waiting at this point. And I’m not sure where our development will go from here. I’m personally past the appearance at this point. He is attractive, but a pretty face isn’t ever enough for me. I need mental stimulation, for sure!

What I am thinking about now that he’s read my note… Oh wait. Let me show you the note.


It reads as such:


You seem like a really nice guy, and I’m interested in getting to know you more outside of class.
Would you consider having lunch with me sometime, or perhaps coffee, so that we can talk and get to know each other better?
I look forward to your answer.


Well, I just took the simple and straightforward approach. I do admit, that after giving him the note, I feel kind of weak. You know, like I should’ve just said it to his face. But I just didn’t have the courage to do that, so instead I went with a simple note.

And now I wait. And what could be running through our heads between the next time we see each other or hear from each other? (I also gave him my number.)

Will he think I’m weak for not saying it to his face? Is he even interested? If he says no, how do I move on without it being awkward? What if he never contacts me via phone? What if he never address the note at all? How will he see me differently now that he knows I’m interested in him? How will we get through class together for the rest of the semester? Is he already taken?

The questions go on and on… But I admit, I won’t feel devastated if he rejects me. After having plenty of time to think about it (and taking advice from Taryn who helped me get to this point), I’m content regardless of what happens. I’m over the appearance so if it doesn’t go any further, he is once again just a pretty face. If anything, this will have been a great exercise for me.

Like I said, all I can do is wait now. While I’d like to get an answer right away, it’s all about patience now. I’m not going to press him until he’s ready to talk about it. Hopefully though, he want to address it as quickly as possible. This isn’t the sort of thing to leave hanging in the air for long, y’know?

Well, that’s all I have. Not gonna drag this out. I can only wonder what will happen next. The one thing I am thankful for, is for finally taking action. That much I have finally learned to do… Go me! 🙂


A big thank you to Yankeedoodledoo for helping me find courage to explore these avenues. Your conversation is much appreciated. 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Now, I Just Wait…

    1. I agree. But, I’m realizing that it’s at least something that I even gave him a note at least. Trust me George, I really wanted to say it to his face, but I just couldn’t bring myself to. I’m just not ready for that kind of interaction. And so this is like a test run if you will. I think in the future, I will say these kinds of things in person because they’re more fitting. Thank you for your input George.

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      1. don’t be afraid to express yourself to others. People don’t start off doing it well it takes practice. The practice part means doing it. You may be nervous at first but as you get use to it it will become second nature… there is no ideal time to start

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  1. Thank you for the mention! 😊
    By the way, I’m very proud of you! I didn’t expect that you’ll hand it to him personally! Way to go my friend! But honestly speaking, the waiting game is the scary part. Your head will be filled with a lot of thoughts, positive and negative. But who knows? This might lead to happy ending, right? 😉

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