Thoughts From The 22nd Of February (2017)

Hello Wonderful Listeners!

Today was an excellent day! I mean, it couldn’t have gone better (at least not in retrospect that is…) What made today especially nice is that I didn’t have to make an early start!

So I actually got up at 1PM today instead of 10AM. Why? Because I wasn’t required to go to my first class. So I didn’t. 😛 Jessica had told us that she was going to be gone and that it was a work day so we could use it how we saw fit.

Well, I didn’t go to my first class but I did end up going to campus around 2PM to get the work done for that specific class. (Yeah, there’s no getting around the work that needs to get done is there?) Well, before leaving the apartment, I chatted with my roommates as I usually do. Of course, we were talking about something really mundane and not important but these conversations are always inviting.

Well, i caught the bus,  got to campus, and then headed to Sabinal. I took about a good hour and a half to get my work done. I printed out some new work proofs for class (way more than needed) and because its printing, I did other things in the meantime. I managed to also print out all documents needed for Middle Grey and get them in the flatfile. I managed to dance and sing (because I always do that when I get bored…)

Admittedly, the images I chose, I’m excited to show off in class. (Of course, I still need to write for each image but… eh, it’ll get done eventually.) My thesis project this semester is different from my last one, in the sense that it’s completely personal. It’s about my biography. So, hey, I finally get to combine my writing skills, my life’s stories, and my photographs into an artwork. 🙂

Anyway, after finishing the printing, I headed over to Jones Dining Hall for lunch. I decided to get Panda Express since it had been so long since having it last. As I expected, it was everything I wanted from life. Though it was a little heavy on the stomach, it suited my needs for the day. I eating from 3:30-4:15PM.

I made my way to JCM (the art building) afterwards. The walk was slightly uncomfortable because of the Panda Express but, at least I did walk off the feeling. I ended up on the fourth floor, talking with Shannon and Jess before class started with Liz. Expanded Media III (EXPM III) was going to be a laid back class today. I presented my project on Monday and only had to critique other people today.

Yeah, I spent most of class actually half participating and half working on Jacqueline’s video documentation. I needed to take care of that ASAP and so I did it during class (but I wasn’t distracting so that’s a plus for me.) I edited the video as best as I could although there were some kinks I didn’t have the skills to get rid of.

But what was annoying, frankly speaking, was waiting for the video to render at high quality. It took three hours for ten minutes of video to render. Of course, that’s normal but it’s still annoying. I didn’t want to be on campus through the dead of night. Well, I ended up staying until almost 9:30 at night waiting on the video.

Thankfully, Clark, a colleague, stuck around to entertain me with conversation until about 9PM. We ended up talking about his performance piece for the class. He was the last to go and boy, it definitely caught me by surprise. But we talked about the role of performance art and art in general both in and out of a “fine art setting.”

Indeed, I do believe that fine art can be considered fine art out of its traditional setting (e.g. a gallery/museum, educational institutions for art, etc.) but it’s tricky territory. It really has to do with how the non-artist considers an artwork to be qualified for art or not. Indeed, is performance art on performance art in a fine art setting or does setting matter for art? Can any space be turned into a fine art space just because art is present within it? These are the kinds of things we talked about. Great conversation.

After Jackie’s video exported, I went downstairs and waited outside in the front to be picked up by my roommates. We went grocery shopping, for the first time in a long time. Even Kyle joined in with us (because apparently he was already in the car with my roommates!)

We got groceries and we hit it like champs. We scooped up loads of fruits, veggies, meats, you name it. We like to shop as healthy as possible nowadays. Luckily, David was so tired that he didn’t distract us with trying to buy stupid things like snacks that don’t matter, or spatulas… Oh, that guy loves him some spatulas. I don’t get it. And the bill? $27.93 per person. Not bad for a 4-way split and an added discount.

We headed home afterward. We managed to get all of the groceries in the house in one go between the five of us. 🙂 Always a plus! We unloaded, put away, and even manged to cook dinner. We had some chicken thighs and a vegetable stir-fry. Pretty great! Paul is a phenomenal cook, and I’m a pretty decent su-chef. We like cooking together…

I ate in my room and finished my reading for History of Documentary Photography. I wasn’t up too late thankfully. And hey, it was a really good reading to boot! Nice and easy, as compared to others before…


There’s my day for ya. Pretty swell and we got a number of things done. It was nice to be busy and have a laid back day at the same time. OK. See ya later! Cheers!

When was the last time you had a laid back day? Do you end up using your laid back days to get work done? How is grocery shopping for you? Leave all your thoughts below!

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