Thoughts From The 23rd of February (2017)

Hi Wonderful Listeners!

Today was both a wonderful day and a terrible day. How so? Well, overall, it was a great day except for two unexpected occurrences. They did throw me for a loop but I powered through them. However, let me just dive into my day and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

So I started out by getting up at a decent hour. I woke up with enough time to put myself together in a decent way. I had the pleasure of catching the bus with Armand (who’s still crashing on our couch every other night or so.) We caught the bus and we were on our way to campus.

After reaching campus, we went our seperate ways. I decided to stop by Dos Gatos Kolaches since I was feeling hungry for breakfast. The lovely people who were there had me in and out in like two minutes. They’re so great. I love their service and kolaches! 🙂 Funny enough, walking from Dos Gatos to my first class in Sabinal, I ran into Armand again. Apparently, he was feeling hungry too (which is a shame because we could’ve had breakfast together.)

Well, I get to History of Documentary Photography. It’s a wonderful class discussion about how the “documentary style” came to be and what’s problematic about its debate. Excellent lecture on Duganne’s part. Of course, I couldn’t help but stare Chris down every now and again, but I hardly looked at him during class. In fact, after class ended, I approached him about my feelings towards him finally. It didn’t go how I wanted it to… (Want the full story? Click here.)

After those events, I picked up some papers for Middle Grey in our flatfile. Then I made my way on over to JCM (the art building) and ran into Chelsea. She was lounging in the gallery lobby just killing time. I told her I was going to go do the same in the ADRC (the computer lab of the art building) on the third floor. I killed about a good hour and fifteen minutes until I had to go to History of Modern Art at 2PM.

I tell you, History of Modern Art went by relatively quickly today. Honestly, I was surprised by how fast the time flew. Keever (my professor) is doing so much better about teaching the class. I guess she just needed to warm up. Jason and Chelsea whom I sit next to, told me about the possibility of getting together this weekend since our circle hadn’t had a pow-wow in a long time. I’m still waiting to see where that goes.

After class ended, I went home. I sat on the bus and before I knew it, I was at my apartment complex. I got off and went inside and spent like the next four hours (until about 8pm that is) just handling errands and whatnot. I got much of my homework done and even started the process of applying to some art shows.

I was doing just fine and dandy until Kyle showed up around 8:30PM. Why would I feel bad about Kyle showing up? I love the guy! That’s because he came through the door, sobbing uncontrollably… 😦

Paul and I consoled him in private. Kyle explained what was bothering him and told us he was having issues balancing a lot of things in his life. There was indeed a lot that was taking a toll on his mental health, I realized, after he explained himself. Paul and I offered warm, long hugs. He was crying like a child in my chest. I felt strange but that just giving him that affection he needed was all I needed to do.

We did offer our words of advice and even suggested that we all hit the gym to get the bad feelings out. Kyle agreed that it would be a good idea. I wasn’t too sure if he was ready to get up just yet but, he just needed a good long cry. (I would go deeper into the reasons why but it’s not my place to reveal that business.)

Well, after about an hour of talking and crying and consoling and talking some more, we went to the gym. I worked out my biceps and triceps (arm day!) and I made sure to keep an eye on Kyle. He wasn’t going as hard as he normally does but there’s good reason for that obviously. It’s OK. I had his back.

After finishing our workout, Paul and I cooked dinner for the three of us. We watched Your Lie in April since Kyle was on the last two episodes (which if you haven’t seen this anime, you need to. Tears will be shed each and every time.) I thought that it was interesting that Kyle would be watching a show about heartache when he was feeling that. He cried; I cried; but it was a mutual cry because we all know the beauty and pain that the show holds.

We ended up cooking tilapia and a vegetable stir-fry with brown rice. It was delicious indeed. We feasted upon this meal while watching Seven Deadly Sins (which is another phenomenal anime!) The action-packed scenes were just what we needed to get our minds off of all the stress we felt over the past couple of hours together.

Kyle ended up leaving after finishing dinner (which we ate at like 1AM.) We offered him the space to stay the night and sleep on our futon or the couch but he declined. He felt well enough to go home and sleep there. He’s a big boy so we trusted him but, of course, told him that the door is always open if he needs to get away.

After all of that, I went to my room and Paul retired for the night. I stayed up for another hour making more arrangements for my show submissions. Then I went to bed. I didn’t fall asleep right away but I did sleep well.


And that’s my day. Hopefully you enjoyed my story, though it was pretty mundane. Until next time, cheers!

What do you do when a friend needs consoling? Leave all your thoughts below!


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