Thoughts From Spring Break (2017)

Hey Wonderful Listeners!

Oh, I tell you, this Spring Break was quite a relaxing one, although many exciting things didn’t come to pass. But I cannot complain for all the things that have happened, for the most part, have been really wonderful. If you’ll let me, I’d like to recount some of the happenings which have passed over the course of this week.

My Spring Break started basically on Friday, March 10th. I didn’t have any obligations to anything so I mostly spent time just relaxing if you will. I’ve spent a lot of my time just doing things with my friends and avoiding the little homework I do actually have. (Y’know, because I’m lazy.)

I’ve spent a lot of time playing games with David and Anthony, my roommates. We’ve been playing Eternal Sonata to pass the time, mainly because we want to finish the game finally. We’re getting pretty far into it now and I’m excited.

I’ve also been passing time at the gym with Kyle and Paul. We always hit the gym together (because exercise is a part of a healthy routine!) Although, there have been some days (as there are always those days) where I don’t want to go exercise but I do anyway. Having someone else to go with just makes it easier. I’m getting a lot stronger too which makes me happy!

A snippet from life at the gym. Another day of exercise…

But outside of those few things, I’ve been lounging about at my apartment. We had plans to have a few days together to be lushes with each other (y’know, vegetables on the couch for fun) but those plans fell through. So many things just came up and we had to cancel them.

Specifically, Paul had work opportunity for us all at a warehouse but that fell through. And Kyle wanted to go float the river and go hot tubbing but the weather and other people complicated these avenues. I even thought about going home to San Antonio but that didn’t happen. I still had quite a bit of homework to take care of.

But I did find time to make sure I got that homework done. On March 14th, I spent almost all day working on a project due after Spring Break ends. It was well worth the effort of waking up early and walking 3 miles in the heat just to go get it done. Well worth. Heh, I even managed to sit down with David and have him help me write some stuff for my Thesis II class which I desperately need.

A snapshot from walking all day on Tuesday. I’m always watching for a picture.

I’ve also found time to read The Art of Memoir by Mary Karr. It’s such an amazing read. I’m sad I didn’t pick it up earlier! (This is big news considering I hardly ever pick up books to read them.)

Between those things, I’ve been catching meals with friends whether at the apartment or dining out. Specifically, on March 12th, David, Kyle, and I went to Crafthouse for dinner. I wasn’t in the best mood but they managed to pick me up. However, the service that night was awful and we were not happy with how things turned out. My lack of a tip said as much.

David and Kyle. Yeah, they managed to pull me from depressed apathy to laughing chatterbox. Such great friends!

But I suppose the biggest thing that happened this Spring Break was seeing Logan in theaters. We did so on March 11th. Let me just say that the film was amazing, and Marvel continues to exceed my expectations. I did shed a few internal tears (and maybe one external one) at the end of the movie. I wasn’t ready for the feels. But seeing that film with Armand, Kyle, David, Anthony, Jordan, and Roland was well worth it!

Well… I shouldn’t lie to myself. I had other things going on to. I did find time to both go through the phases of crippling self-doubt for my Thesis project but then to also pick myself back up. David also helped with this endeavor by strolling into my room at 2AM and staying in there talking my spirits up.

A passed out David on my bed. I later threw a blanket on him to help him get comfortable. I didn’t sleep comfortably though with the little room I had.

But after having the spirits picked up, I still found time on March 18th, to really get down and have a relaxing time. Kyle and Armand showed up at my apartment and we went to the hot tub together. Finally, after waiting all of Spring Break to catch it empty, we did. Well, for all of 30 mins.

Some cool people strolled in (admittedly, they didn’t live in our complex but, hey, you go where you can to get what you want) to join us. Kyle almost got this Sophomore’s number (mainly because she’s a Nursing major like him) and the other guys were too drunk, or too high to keep coherent conversation. But they were all good people.

We left the hot tub around 10:30PM (after already hitting up Armand’s apartment to grab something) and then went inside so we could bum out and play video games while incoherent. Fun times. But I don’t even know how I got into my own bed to be honest.

Oh! But there’s one other thing I forgot to mention, which was that I told (well, he figured it out) Armand that I liked him. We’ve been friends for years but I somehow caught feelings for him even though I knew they would go nowhere. Though flattered, I’m not his type (but that didn’t surprise me.) But also finding out that he’s bisexual (over the past two weeks) didn’t help in that regard either. It just made me like him more.

But you know, I’ve spent a lot of time with David over the break. We even found time to go to IHOP on a whim after staying up all night to finish Magi on Nexflix. March 16th held a day of tiredness with a lovely friend. We did laugh hysterically at people trying to exit through locked doors, but our waitress could’ve been a bit more joyous and attentive. Just saying…

Can you tell we’ve had no sleep? We could barely get to IHOP as is…

Yet, the very next day, March 17th, we were at Olive Garden getting lunch together. We drove all the way to New Braunfels just to eat there. And man, the waiter (Joe) was amazing! Though he was also the bartender, he just had us right. So I got my fill on food and left him a $7 tip for a $12 meal. I’m nice like that and he definitely deserved it!

I love Oliver Garden. And well, David was nice to have there with me too…

And Sunday, was really nice (but stressful.) I was freaking out because I still had a ton of work I hadn’t done all break but, as they say in Spanish, que será será (“What will be will be.”) I’ve made it through worse before.

But I also found time to go to my Middle Grey meeting (I missed my officers!) and go shopping with David at the Outlet Malls. Specifically, I needed a blazer because I have an important event coming up and need to be dressed appropriately. He even helped me pick out my suit and we did it in record time. Thanks Brooks Brothers!

And you know what? I got to watch a lot of The Magicians this week and yesterday too. What a great show! But after going to the gym with Kyle, David and I had a heart-to-heart. We stayed up until 5AM and I almost fell asleep in his bed (even though we had class the next day at 11AM!) We talked our fears away, and helped each other figure out why we were in a funk together. And, David even called me a best friend (which he’s never said before.) Thanks David, for the feeling is mutual. I will visit you while you’re in graduate school.

Somehow, though he was gone all week, I manage to still see Paul at like 3AM when he could stumble home from San Antonio. He was working for his father all break (so he didn’t get one at all. Sorry buddy 😦 ) Even those late night conversations stick with me buddy. And, as always, we gossip but it’s all good things (when it’s not bad things.)


Ah. But that basically recaps the entire week. I did a whole lot of nothing when I should’ve been doing a lot period. But I did enjoy myself, even though it was pretty mundane. So I won’t complain about how my time was spent. I am filled with a life of love from friends, and tiring thoughts made from stress. The life of a college student. Sounds good to me! 🙂

OK. That’s all on my end. Hope you’re having a good day. Until next time, cheers!

What did you do over Spring Break? How do you take it when you have to improvise on plans? Leave all your thoughts below!

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