Welcome Back! Time For A New Adventure!


It’s been a while hasn’t it Wonderful Listeners? Well, um… I’ve got a lot of things to say. But I’m not going to say them all at once. No. If I did, heh, well, none of us would live to see tomorrow.

OK. Perhaps I should stop getting distracted. Well, I am back. The Pineapple lives. And Carlos… yeah, he’s doing pretty well too. He’s definitely got a lot to say. Wait, I said that already didn’t I?

Wow. You know, that leads me to what I actually want to touch base on—I’m so out of practice in the blogging community and I’ve lost a lot.

I mean, I haven’t posted in so long and have been so busy and have been stockpiling all of the things I want to say, but I can’t even get a proper greeting out to save my life. Well, all I can do is try right?

So, I’ll be honest. I don’t expect that anyone is around to see these posts of mine anymore. I feel like with how distant I’ve been over the past year, no one is around to listen to me anymore. I may very well have to start over from scratch.

But I suppose, now is the best time to do so right? I’ve started a new chapter in my life (more on that later…) and so now is a good time as any to restart. Admittedly, I do miss my previously dedicated listeners. Who knows? Maybe they’re still happily waiting for this post to pop up in their feeds or emails or phone. Maybe not. Either way, things are going to be different now, for sure.

It’s crazy. I started this blog just to vent my thoughts and create a place where I could be myself to the fullest extent. Then, somehow, someway, some very wonderful people found me and listened to my stories. They became my Wonderful Listeners. They’ve seen me go through some big life changes. Now, after my prolonged absence, I feel like I’m all alone…again.

Well, I’m still going to do what I do best: talk about my life. I have a lot of catching up to do before I can get back to the present. Indeed, I will likely be spending most of my time recounting all that has happened in my absences. (Most thing published prior to this post will be old and not in the moment. Alas, this is reality. I continue to document.) New material will come, but it may be sparce or it might be developed. Who can say at this point?

But what I do know, is that as I am typing these words at 6:26AM, I feel a familiar feeling. I feel like maybe part of myself has been restored, like I’ve come back home in some sense. It’s nice to remember what it’s like to open my laptop on a whim and begin to type these thoughts of mine. It’s something that makes me happy. I’m happy to be doing this again.

I am saddened by how rusty I’ve gotten. I admit that. But, hey, perhaps you (whoever might be reading this message of mine) might be willing to watch me recover. You might be willing to watch me get back in the game. And perhaps I’m playing a game long abandoned, but I don’t play, firstly, for the spectators; I play for myself, foremost.

And I’m always glad that people from around the world, who don’t know me, have never met me, still find it worthwhile to even give me some of their time. But I’m not sure this injured and aspiring pro has the energy right now to go seek out new listeners. I think, for now, I’m content, or at least OK, with being in this quiet space of mine. In time, I believe, someone will come to fill it with noise. And I will smile.

Well, I’m pretty sure I don’t even remember what my original intent was for this post. Perhaps I just wanted to say to myself welcome back or re-announce myself to the world. Perhaps, this is just a practice run because it’s been far too long since I’ve gone for a jog around the blog-o-sphere. Perhaps, it’s none of those things and it’s something I don’t even understand. Who knows?

But what I do want to say is this: I’m back, and I’ve missed being here. I need to do some housekeeping, take care of my health, and get myself back on my feet. What that means (as far as I know) is that I will be posting as much as humanly possible, without burning myself out. I may just pop into other realms just to take a stroll. I don’t know. Life’s an adventure and I’m a walker.

All I can really say is that I’ll try. I’ll try to make the most of what I have now, because something tells me that I won’t exactly get back what I’ve lost and missed out on. It’s the start of a new adventure, both in life and on the web. 🙂

Hey! I think my ramble is starting to come back! One skill reclaimed. But still so much more to go… so much more to explore… to feel. The first step is no longer a question, but it’s the start to something more. It’s just that—a start.


11 thoughts on “Welcome Back! Time For A New Adventure!

  1. Oh now I see why you haven’t been in my reader!!! I’ve missed reading about your college life. You were going to publish here-or somewhere your wonderful school projects. I’m still waiting or did I miss them? And your thesis! Wow, we’d love to read it! It’ll come back to you. Pick some new photography or better, photojournalism blogs to follow! Make new friends in the world where you want to go and “develop!” Great play on words!!! Catch up on other favorite bloggers…and you’ll grow as you do, back into the world of writing! Ideas will fill your head. Ready, set, go!!!

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    1. Your words are so encouraging Debbie! 🤧 Thanks for coming to see me once again!

      Don’t worry! I’ll actually upload my thesis project soon! Within like the next two days or so. And I just have to keep moving. That’s a goos thing!

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  2. Hey hey. This post is quite like a lot of posts I write, pretty abstract and creates more questions than answers xD What are you recovering from? What is it this new thing you’re starting? What did younlose that you’re trying to get?

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    1. Hi Pinecone! 🙂 I’m recovering from a lack of blogging, I’m starting a new chapter in my life and so I want to get to recording that soon. And I want to get back my groove and my audience that I assume has dwindled away.

      At least, that’s what I remember wanting to do anyway.

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      1. I am melting inside. You remember my name lol Okay this post is clearer now. And I am an old reader, I was here before you got that header, so that makes me pretty wrinkly and reader-y

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Wrinkly? Heavens no! You look amazing! 😀 But wow, it’s still crazy to hear you say how long you’ve been around. Before the header huh? Man, those were my grassroots moments!

          Well, I’m glad you’ve found it worthwhile to stick around.


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