No Skipping Any Pages: A Diary Documenting Things That Matter

Hey Wonderful Listeners…

I’ve been thinking about something lately. It has to do directly with my life and one of the reasons I started this blog. I think my sense of life documentation is changing.

Anyone who has stuck around for a long time knows that when I originally started this blog, it was sort of like a buffet of different things; however, everything presented had at least one thing in common: it erupted as a direct response to my life and what was happening in it.

Somehow along the way, I decided that making note of my own life would be a good thing. It would allow me to revisit my past at my own leisure, and it would be filled with lots of information. In fact, I thought it would be a good idea to record every single day of my life (and I did for a while.)

However, I’m starting to think otherwise. Now that it’s been roughly a month since I finished my undergrad at college, I finally realized something important. I was recording my life everyday because my life was exciting and because I wanted to remember college as a pivotal moment of my existence. But now that I’m no longer in college, what of that habit?

I spent some time thinking about it. In fact, I’ve been thinking about it ever since I moved back into my parents’ house in San Antonio. Living here in my childhood home, with Mom, Dad, and my little sister, I realized just how boring my life can be. This isn’t a new idea since I felt this way coming home for the holidays.

But things are different because I live here now. Now, I’m not so sure that recording every single day is very important anymore. I’ve decided instead, that at this point in my life, it’s relevant to record/document/report my life on the web when it really suits—when it’s meaningful and matters.

And that’s where my diary entries are probably going from here on out. There are some people who can record every day of their lives. I was one of those people. But I realized that when you record everything in your life, every day, you start to pile the things that matter and things that don’t in the same basket.

It’s so funny. I go back and I look at all of the notes I have on the slow days of my college experience and I think, “Do I really care to remember this? I mean, all I did was watch Netflix and clean up the house. I didn’t go anywhere that day or meet up with anyone. I didn’t even run an errand.” I really did ask myself that. And after hesitating, I realized that I didn’t care.

I’m not saying that I only want to depict the interesting parts of my life. That’s not it. But, I do want to focus on recording things that matter and really give them attention. Sure, I can clog up the piece of the internet I hold with trivial matters. But I can also fill it up with truly wonderful memories—events, people, places, and thoughts that I truly want to never forget.

I like to think about it in a certain way nowadays. If this blog is a diary, then I don’t want to feel the need to skip any pages. I want each page in that diary (like a well-written book) to have me ensnared. Each day or thing or moment that I put in that diary, should be something I want to reminisce on later (even if it’s not a happy memory.)

I also decided that since my life is a slow one now, that I only need to report these meaningful details of mine when there are enough really post something! Of course, I will also post small things if when they get posted is meaningful (because I like connecting dates to events.)

So I think that’s where my life is headed as far as documenting my life. I’ll document things that really matter (and it doesn’t have to be every little thing.) I’ll report it here on the web when it can really hold attention.

And I suspect that I will go back to reporting each and every day if the need arises. I suppose maybe if I go on a trip or have a specific timeframe where something significant is happening, I’ll report each day. But as for the little things, nah, I’ll be much more picky about them.


And that’s all I wanted to say about that. A small ramble for you. I do hope maybe you got something out of that. I know I did. Thank you for listening. Cheers.


2 thoughts on “No Skipping Any Pages: A Diary Documenting Things That Matter

  1. Don’t sell yourself short; what may be meaningful to you may not be meaningful to others. Plus when there is a life event it develops from the everyday things that we do. Nobody’s life is full of excitement everyday. There are up & downs there is a balance; write it all down in a journal then later on you can pick and choose what to share on the blog. At least you document the journey and can look back to see why you made the decisions you made……

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    1. Yes, that is true. I can attest to that. However, I’m coming from a place of thinking that I can compress time a bit. I mean, I like taking note of everything but that’s just because I like to be as thorough as possible.
      I don’t know. Right now, noting every little thing seems to be a bit pointless since I don’t have a desire to do so anymore. But I’m open to going back to that depending on my life. I just think that I can summarize lots of different parts of life right now, and so being thorough is uncalled for.
      Those little everyday things are what make up life but to be honest, they don’t seem as meaningful right now. So I don’t want them in my diary.

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