F.T.A.I.M.—Exhibition: “Things That Last”

This is the first For the Artist in Me post, and unsurprisingly, I’m focusing on my latest project entitled Things That Last. This project is the work that I completed for my exiting semester of my bachelor’s degree (a.k.a my thesis work.)

Things That Last is an autobiographical book project consisting of illustrative photographs and short stories. The work was designed to be presented solely as a book; however, it has been formated for portfolio presentation too in order to present the general idea of the project (which you will see below as well.)

Without further ado, please enjoy into the work. Specifications for the artworks themselves are located underneath the presented work. All additional information (commentary, notes, statements, etc.) is located on the next page of this post.

Print sizes: 11×14 in
Medium: Archival Inkjet Paper

Things That Last_Preview

Print size: 8.5×11 in
Medium: Book
Page count: 134

Some Updates Going Into Effect As Of Now

Hi Wonderful Listeners.

Well, I don’t feel like wasting time with this information I’m about to present to you. There are a few changes that I have applied to the blog:

  1. The feedback tab on the menu of the blog has been condensed into one page. So all feedback is left on one page.
  2. I’ve updated the What To Expect page under the About tab on the menu. There’s been a change in the weekly outline.
  3. I’m installing some new features on the blog: Writing Wednesday, For the Artist in Me. Check the Art Journal and Scraps & Scribbles under the Blog Features tab on the menu for more information.
  4. I’ve deleted the Contact tab on the menu.
  5. There’s been new editions added to the Tasty Treasures and Timeless Thoughts pages in the menu. Check them out.
  6. Later today, my first For the Aritst in Me post will be dropping. Please check it out and leave some comments on it! 🙂

Everyone do take care. I hope to put out a new blog post soon on something I’ve been thinking lately. Cheers.