Artist’s Notes: Experimenting With Polaroids

I have found out a lot, and very quickly I will add, about instant film over the past half-month. I mean, there is a lot of love and hate about instant film but I suppose just getting straight to my findings would be best. I’ll save the proper emotions for when I bring up those topics.

I think I’ll break this down between technical findings and then personal associations, starting with technical findings. A lot of them have come from research prior to trying it out myself, but I suppose going over the basics and my findings won’t hurt.

The biggest thing I’ve noticed is the lack of control in instant pictures.┬áThink about the process for a moment. When I want to take an instant picture, a number of things are happening all at once that affect the ultimate result:

The Film

The film inside of the cartridge is a very unique set of circumstances. It’s got all of the necessary components inside of its packaging to develop an image, stop the development process, fix the image to its surface, and produce color if desired.

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