The Second Step Is For Recovery

You know what’s really difficult? Getting back into the swing of something when you’ve taken a break from it for a long time. I suppose that’s somewhat common sense I guess, but it’s definitely true for me.

How long as it been since I’ve been a consistent blogger? I don’t even remember. I think the last time was probably over a year ago if I must be honest. Sure, I’ve been posting material in that year’s worth of time but not like some other bloggers. Then again, I was never really a consistent blogger in the first place.

I digress. I’m just trying to say that I wish to get back into the swing of running a blog. Ah, but such a task is not going to be easy but I will get past it. I’ve still got a lot of catching up to do with my blog as far as posts go. I meant to continue writing up my past adventures but the mountain before me just seems to big to climb.

But it’s OK. I will get it done. I just need game plan. So, here’s what I’m gonna do: I’m going to post at least one post a week. I’m not going to commit to any more than that since just keeping up with one is already a challenge. I’m going to post current things and in my own time catch up with old material. I can post anything just as long as it’s current and once a week!

Wish me luck on this guys. Truly. I could use the support (of those who still read my little piece of the internet.)

And before I forget, I would like to say that I’ve missed being in the blog-o-sphere. I really do. I miss the interactions I had with some of my fellow bloggers, as well as interactions with new visitors and old friends. I lost a lot (if not all) of that when I dropped off the map because of school.

Well, no more. I’m out of school now and I’m on to living my adult life. I’ll make time for this. As I’ve learned recently, anything you truly want to do, you’ll make time for. No excuses. And I agree.

So this is what I will also do on this little behalf: I’m going to get back into reading more blog posts. I find that half the joy of blogging actually comes from reading the blogs of others, which I have not done nearly enough of. Alas, the change is available for me to make and I will make it. In response, I think I’ll also share at least one of my favorite blog posts from another blogger once a week as well. (Hopefully, I can share that at least on Fridays.)

Now, let me recap:

  • Post once a week (anything you want as long as it’s current!)
  • Take posting old material one post at a time
  • Read other bloggers and share at least one post a week

The goal with all of this is to get me back into the habit of being a part of the blog-o-sphere. Once I feel pretty routine with this, I’ll probably move up the requirement amount (but no promises.) If anything, I want to return to how things were at the height of my blogging journey.

I’ll continue this for one month. So, on October 10th, I will be able to reflect on this month of blogging. Mark the date. I’ll see where I am in one month’s time.

But this is a new journey. One full of retracing my steps and training myself to do things I’ve forgotten how to do. And as they say, each journey begins with the first step. This is my first step to recovery and my second step overall (since my first one was a question.) So with this second step, I hope to walk a little farther this time, and perhaps smile a bit more along the way…

Wish me luck on recovering guys! And if anyone is still out there, reading my thoughts, thank you. Sincerely, thank you. 🙂

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