Art Journal

Hello! Welcome to the Art Journal page!

This page is provided on my blog to explain to you the feature that is known as For the Artist in Me (F.T.A.I.M.)

What is For the Artist in Me?

For the Artist in Me is a feature which dedicates its existence to appreciating the world of art, mainly through written material and visual stimuli. It aims, mostly, to facilitate a space where I can showcase myself as an artist through knowledge of my field, exploration interests, surveying the art community, and my own projects.

What can I expect from this feature?

What you can expect to find under this feature’s belt are as follows: art commentary, original artwork mini-exhibitions, and personal observations concerning artistic processes.

While much of the content produced will be geared toward the visual arts, do not be discouraged. Because I am a visual artist, my natural tendency is to gravitate to the visual arts. When the word art is used in the explanations below, it is not simply referring to the visual arts, but all the arts (sound, participatory, musical, etc.)

How does each facet work?

Art commentary will be composed of material that comments on the artwork of other artists, as well as art historical ideas. The content will explore both historical and contemporary ideas, movements, and possible consequences of the impact of the arts.

The mini-exhibitions for my original artwork will be presented formally. These posts will act as a solo show for single groups of work. They will include many details, ranging but not limited to: artist statements, artwork information, and artist documents explaining the work.

Please note that the works themselves will not be presented in the highest quality possible. However, this is no reason to fear. The work will be high enough quality to examine, just not in the finest details. The full works will also only be up for 4 days, after which they will be replaced with excerpts (if appropriate) and archived.

And lastly, observations about artistic processes (a.k.a. Artist’s Notes) will revolve around personal thoughts and reflections, hypotheses, and experimental findings about the specific process. These processes can include discussion about art mediums, techniques, and general workflow, just to name a few.

Anything else I should know?

This feature encompasses a number of different things but the focus remains the same: art and its implications. The goal is to continuously explore the world of art, and understand the ins and outs. While the information may not always contain credentials, it will open up the opportunity to dive into the art world, through an artist’s mind.