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Welcome to the Metaphysical Monday page!

Here is where you can find information on how this feature operates, why it exists and how you can get involved. You can also suggest topics for the next installment with the forum located below!
If you’d like to know what has already been suggested, simply click on the Past Suggestions link under Get Meta in the top menu. If you have unanswered questions regarding this feature, please visit the Meta FAQs link under Get Meta in the top menu.

What is Metaphysical Monday?

Metaphysical Monday is a feature of this blog which specifically deals with addressing deep, complex, and opinionated topics. This feature was created in response to the blog creator’s need for stimulating conversation (and debate.) The posts are a mixture of personal observations, and academic research and because of the nature of the feature, the posts are open to scrutiny. In fact, scrutiny is implored if you detect that something is amiss or should be carefully considered.

How does it work?

The idea of this feature is straightforward:

  1. First, suggestions are made by the community using the form located under the I’d like to make a suggestion! section located below.
  2. Second, a topic is picked at random to be discussed.
  3. Third, the topic picked is researched and written about.
  4. Fourth, the article’s completion is announce one week in advance from the actual publishing date (which is always a Monday.)
  5. Fifth, the article is published on the specified date announced.
  6. Sixth, the community responds to the article at their leisure and discussion is created about the topic.

I’d like to make a suggestion!

If you would like to make a suggestion for a possible Metaphysical Monday post, be sure to leave it in the space provided below. Try to make the suggestion as short and concise as possible.

When making suggestions, try to be thorough in explaining what you’re asking. If you feel that some background knowledge or research is required for you topic, please leave links to sites for that background knowledge along with your suggestion. You may leave a maximum of three sites for one suggestion.

I would also appreciate it if you left your name. You are not required to but for those who leave their name, I make efforts to shout them out and thank them at the end of these articles.

Easy enough! Is that all?

That’s the rundown for Metaphysical Monday! Please, feel free to join in these discussions. It’s only as fun as we want to make it!