Meta FAQs

Welcome to the Meta FAQs page!

Here is where all of the frequently asked questions about this feature are answered. Be sure to review it in detail before using the forum located at the very bottom to ask specific, unanswered questions.


Where can I make a suggestion?

You can make your suggestions on the Get Meta page. You’ll find it in the top menu under Blog Features.

Can the same topic be chosen more than once?

No. However, suggestions that are similar can be discussed. So, I suppose, topics under the same “genre” can be discussed.
For example, two suggestions about technology can be addressed but they need to at least be concerned with different facets of technology rather than the same thing. Of course, there will be exceptions depending on how “open” the topic is to begin with.

What is and isn’t appropriate to suggest?

You are free to suggest anything for discussion. Just be sure that your suggestion is not meant to infringe on any liberties or slander any persons.

What happens if no one suggests anything?

Then I’ll move down the list of suggestions still yet to be addressed. If there are none left, there will be no Metaphysical Monday until another suggestion is made.

Will you eventually go through all of the suggestions?

Yes. I will get through them all. As fast as I humanly can.

How long do you work on the articles?

However long it takes me to properly address the question at hand. Sometimes that takes no time and other times it will take a long time.

Is there a place where I can see what’s already been discussed?

Yes! Please visit the Past Suggestions page. You can get to it from the top menu under the Blog Features tab, and then scrolling over Get Meta. Past Suggestions will appear adjacent to it.

How long are the articles typically?

Quite long actually. The average article is at least 1,500+ words. If I’m really moved by the topic, the article gets even longer. (You’ve been warned.)

Do you provide references to your research materials?

Yes. They are located at the bottom of my articles and I link them to where I found them. This allows you to see the sources for yourself.

Do you ever revise articles you have already posted?

No. Once the article is out, it is out. That’s why I leave it open for scrutiny. I encourage others to catch my mistakes and commended my successes.

How do I make a good suggestion?

The best suggestions are usually open-ended and ask a very specific question that will require specific research material.

I still have unanswered questions!

Absolutely no problem! I understand that sometimes you have a very specific question in mind. Well, I’m happy to answer that for you on an individual basis. Just the use the form below, fill out all of the fields, and I’ll answer that question ASAP!