Scraps & Scribbles

Howdy! Welcome to the Writing Wednesday page!

I’d like to start off by saying this: I’m aware that this idea of mine isn’t original. Plenty of other bloggers and writers have utilized Wednesdays for their writings on blogging platforms. I think it’s because Wednesday is a nice, clever (yet cliché) use of alliteration for such a title. Or maybe there’s other reasons…who knows?

OK. That put aside, allow me to actually explain this feature. So Writing Wednesday boils down to one thing really: the day of the week where all creative and formal writing will go (although there will be exceptions.)

Anything you might expect to fall into the creative writing or formal writing categories will be published on Wednesdays: poetry, essays, narratives, etc. It’s really that simple. There are of course certain writings that will be associated with other specific features of this blog, but they will remain solely to those features.

Well, that’s all I have for you. If you need a fix for creative writing that inspire that imagination, or if you’d rather ponder on some analysis of certain subjects, then stay tuned to Wednesdays on this blog! I’m happy to share my writing scraps and scribblings with you!