Thoughts From The 6th Of February (2017)

Hi there Wonderful Listeners!

Well, today has already been a quite interesting day if I do say so myself. Honestly, I want to just jump right in actually.

So, it’s Monday. I have Thesis II at 11am but I didn’t really get to spend much time there. Why? Well, because I had a special luncheon to go to. Sincerely. I did spend about 40 minutes in class but that was because I had to talk about my project proposal for the class.

Last semester I focused on anxiety disorders. This semester, I’m jumping into ideas that I really want to focus on, like storytelling and sentimentality. Well, I presented my ideas to the class and they gave me some wonderful feedback. Honestly, it inspired me to continue on with what I’m doing, mainly because it validated that my ideas were acceptable ones. 🙂

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A Recap Of My Semester In No Particular Order (Part 2)

Hello again Wonderful Listeners!

So I’m back to talk more about what I’ve been up to since I was away. I’m not focusing on the academics as far as classes are concerned. Nope, I’m focusing on the extracurricular this time and these things have kept me just as busy as class has! So let me not waste time, I’ll get right to it.

The best way to talk about all of this is probably to split it up between the following subjects: Middle Grey, and Exhibitions. Be warned, I’m going to have a lot to say so please be prepared for quite the read. Alright let’s go!

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A Recap Of My Semester In No Particular Order (Part 1)

Hi Wonderful Listeners!! 🙂

I suppose you might have been wondering how life has been treating me? Well, it has definitely a ride. Ups and downs, highs and lows, and as you might have noticed, I’ve been M.I.A. Well, just know it wasn’t by choice.

I will say this, school itself has definitely been good. I admit, a little hectic at times, but good nonetheless. In fact, I’m going to start this with school. So, instead of dragging this out, I’m going to jump right into this. I think that will get me through this post the fastest, with the least amount of ramble. (No guarantees on the ramble part though!) Continue reading