“Coming Out” To Mom & Dad…

*The following post is full of raw emotions. Strong language will be used. Discretion is advised.*

This cannot wait. I must tell you all this right now. I finally told my parents that I was bisexual. Holy shit. What did I do?

Well, thankfully, it turned out to be only in my worst nightmares that bad things would happen. Luckily for me, none of them occurred. I am only left with the initial thoughts I had on those rather fateful days.

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Thoughts From The 4th of January (2017)

Hey…Wonderful Listeners.

Ugh, I did not wake up necessarily in a great mood today. I mean, granted, I had been up since 4am because I couldn’t fall asleep again. But, oh, I suppose I should get to my actual point huh? Sorry, my mind is a bit foggy.

Well, I was up at 4am, and I just watched fashion videos until like 11:30am. I’ve noticed that fashion has grown a new meaning for me in the recent past months. It’s become important to me because I’ve finally gotten quite fed up with having ill-fitted and unflattering clothing.

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Thoughts From New Year’s Day (2017)

Happy New Year Wonderful Listeners!

I do hope that you all had a wonderful time celebrating the start of another calendar year! 2016 was full of stories, antics, craziness, and more. We can only wonder what 2017 will bring us all right? But I’ll tell you this much at least, that my 2017 start was hectic!

Allow me to start this off properly by going back to the beginning. At least this way, no one will get lost (well, perhaps not right off the bat anyway…)

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A Change In Family Holiday Dynamics

Season’s Greetings Wonderful Listeners.

I’m sure that if you’ve been keeping up recently, you’ll know that I’ve had some particular thoughts about coming home to my family, and hometown for the holidays. Well, I’d like to expand on those thoughts. Please give me some of your time.

In particular, I’m interested in talking about how my family dynamics have changed this holiday season, and how they will continue to be different in the years to come. While this is quite scary to think about, it’s also helpful to reflect on these changes. So I will.

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Some Thoughts After Coming Home

Wonderful Listeners,

As a small reminder to those of you still reading my content (and I am aware that many have stopped reading), I am back in my hometown for the winter break. I got back roughly a week ago and my time has been, well… quite “meh.”

Now don’t get me wrong. I love being home. However, I think many of those who are a part of my generation can agree that returning home from college, can be really draining. I mean, I’m so used to living my life as I please, being my own responsible adult, and spending my time with my friends circle. But coming home, I remember that I am suddenly cut off from a large portion of that friends circle; I remember that I’m a responsible adult now under my parents’ roof and rules; I remember that my life is not ever-so-slightly not completely mine. And above all, I cannot be myself.

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