Have A Nice Read! #9

A happy Friday to you all!

How are my Wonderful Listeners doing? I hope you’re doing well. I most certainly am doing well myself. It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted the eighth edition of this feature but I found time to put out the next one!

If you’re unaware, Have A Nice Read! is a feature where I basically share with you some blog posts that I believe others should be reading. It’s that simple.

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Armskirk: Unlocking Magic through Disjointed Vignettes

Author’s Note

This work aims to create an ambiance, rather than to portray a plot as traditional fiction does. The 40+ vignettes are all arranged in a manner which gives insight into the world surrounding Armskirk, describing vivid moments of its existence. However, the vignettes are not ordered in a way which convey stories but rather act as accounts of history. The multiple descriptions act as a medium for which this magically mundane world may come to life.
While it is true that multiple stories do exist inside the world of Armskirk, they are never completely addressed in detail. The set-up for the lives of individuals and peculiar events are noted and then left open to interpretation of how they will unfold.
The work truly is an example of experimentation with detail and the style of vignette. I played with how I could utilize its form to portray ideas and how sequencing and structure can form the major aspects of a work.
With the collection coming together as a whole, this work could be used to prompt writers or help them realize how a character and/or story can unfold in a detailed and vivid setting. I wrote this work with the luxury that I might use this setting to help write future stories and build coherent story elements.

Armskirk_Unlocking Magic through Disjointed Vignettes

©2016 Carlos Lewis

Two Sides of the Same Coin

In 1970, Curtis Taylor is departing from the confines of being a soldier in the Vietnam War. His departure is cut short when he is suddenly isolated in the complete wilderness of Vietnam. His wife, Madison, is anxiously waiting for his return back in the United States. Her only reassurance of Curtis’s safety is thrown into question when his promised letter does not arrive as scheduled. As time slogs forward, and the possibility of contact diminishes, the two lovers contain their compounded angsts in their personal diaries. With new unforeseen and problematic events arising at every turn, both struggle to clutch to the one belief that keeps them going: their inevitable reunion.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

©2016 Carlos Lewis