Thoughts From The 2nd Of January (2017)

Well, hello again Wonderful Listeners!

Boy, oh boy! Today was a crazy day. There was so much that went down, and so unexpectedly, that I was just thrown in a whirlwind. I’m going to ramble like no other! Honestly. But you know what? That makes for an interesting story, right? 🙂

So let me just start off the story where it began— around 1pm in the afternoon. Alex had woken up before I had. I suppose the night before hadn’t hit him as hard as it had hit me. But he was nice enough to fold up the blankets I had given him and he quietly slipped out of my house. Or so he tried.

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Thoughts From New Year’s Day (2017)

Happy New Year Wonderful Listeners!

I do hope that you all had a wonderful time celebrating the start of another calendar year! 2016 was full of stories, antics, craziness, and more. We can only wonder what 2017 will bring us all right? But I’ll tell you this much at least, that my 2017 start was hectic!

Allow me to start this off properly by going back to the beginning. At least this way, no one will get lost (well, perhaps not right off the bat anyway…)

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