He’s My Crazy, Captivating Captain!

Why Hello Wonderful Listeners!

Phew. It’s been a while since I’ve done something like this. I’ve almost forgotten how to do it “properly.” Eh. But who cares? I certainly don’t! That’s why I’m doing this thing. This, shoutout thing-a-mer-bobber!

So, for those of you who don’t know Paul, from The Captain’s Speech, you certainly should. Why? Well, because I like him! What more reason do you need? I like him and I think you’ll like him too, that’s why I’m making a whole post about the guy.

Oh, allow me to explain. Don’t rush. Paul is HILARIOUS. I’m serious. I often find myself busting a gut, a gasket, a socket, and anything else that can bust when I’m reading his posts. They’re so honest and down-to-earth that you just can’t help but relate.

Sure, maybe he doesn’t talk about politics, or social issues, or anything else like that often enough to be relevant to his blog, but still, he’s got a lot of other good qualities. If you’ve been keeping up with my Have A Nice Read! series then you’ll know that I often reblog his posts. They just, I dunno, resonate with me. 🙂

I think the reason I like him so much is because he’s a lot like me. We both blog about our lives. We’re both funny (I’d like to believe.) We both like poetry. We both are earnest with our words. We both are young. Well, OK, we share a lot in common. There, I said it.

Anyway, as an earnest and direct message (I’m talking to you directly Paul), thank you. Thanks for being who you are and being so open about who you are. It really does inspire me to be myself more on my own blog. Plus, you’ve got this very clean way with words that makes you all the more better. I know I certainly don’t pull off what you do nearly as well. So give yourself a trophy for that one!

But… for the rest of you, go check him out! Get lost in his blog. He’s the captain of my team on most days so you know he’s a good one. Promise, you won’t regret it!

Nice To See You Again Brandi!

Hi Wonderful Listeners!

Today was such a lovely day. I got to meet up with Brandi, a friend that I made at Wal-Mart when I worked there two summers ago. We hadn’t seen each other in like, well, a year. So it was nice to have a day to just catch up with each other. So let me just roll through the entire day.

We met up with each other at about 2:30PM. We tried for earlier but… y’know, we both run on what my family likes to call “CPT” (Colored People Time, because we’re never on time.) XD

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A Birthday Boost From Jonathon!

What’s up y’all?

So, real quick, this happened not too long ago. One of my photo friends, Jonathon, contacted me. I was about to fall asleep since I have to be to work tomorrow (bright and early), but I picked up his Facetime call anyway.

So, lo and behold, he calls me tipsy off some drinks. It was actually rather funny. But he called me to wish me a happy birthday, which was so nice of him. Though he was slightly drunk, he remembered my birthday.

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