Three Cheers For Liebster!

Hi Wonderful Listeners!

Well, I am back again to begin accepting more awards! Craziness, I know. But what can I say? Apparently people think I deserved to be recognized; and I am grateful for that.Liebster Award Image

A thank you must be given to the lovely Carol of Writeful Mind. Yes. She is a wondrous woman, whom if you don’t know, you should! She’s a joy who loves to write and she is prevalent around the blog-o-sphere to be honest. I mean, if you appreciate positive writing as well as life stories, then you should enjoy her. Promise she’s worth getting to know. Continue reading

Return To The Liebster Award

Well here I am again! It seems I’ve been renominated for the Liebster award! Such an honor when you can receive it more than once in life! 😀 I’d like to thank Roguecatt for bestowing this honor upon me again. It’s is much appreciated. If you enjoy my blog, or randomness about life and spontaneous and spunky attitude, you’d enjoy poking around her realm. Continue reading