Photography101: The Basics & The Treasures

Hi Wonderful Listeners!

Well, well, well. It appears it is week four of Photography101. How did I manage to keep up this pace with my busy life? That is a very good question for which I do not have an answer. I guess, I just keep living life and things work out! Continue reading

Metaphysical Monday: Do Dreams Reveal Information In The Unconscious Mind?

The following information presented in this article is a mixture of personal observations, beliefs, and academic research. All unoriginal material and information will be referenced at the end of the article, with links to the sites. Please bear in mind that this article was written under extreme time constraints and is open to scrutiny from any readers.

Dreams. Little is actually known about dreams in the realm of society and science. It is a topic which has avoided complete exposure and reveal. There then, remains much speculation about its role and purpose within the human body. Continue reading

Dark Fruit: An Introduction To My Mind

The following is an entry taken from my brain. All thoughts expressed are real and uncensored.


Let me not restrain myself. I will speak freely and will not censor myself.

My mind, let me inform those who listen, has never been completely settled and tranquil ever; my life and personality in combination would lend themselves more to complex comprehension and pondering, and they have in practice. I don’t suppose I have had the privilege of focusing on superficial and minor things that altogether amount to nothing more than the wind that blows in the sky. No, my mind never lent itself to such a processing system of the tangible world. Continue reading