Thoughts From The 23rd Of April (2016)

‘Sup Wonderful Listeners! 🙂

What a glorious whatever-it-has-been recently! Yes! Would any of you be surprised if I had something happy or stressful or crazy to tell you about? Would you? If so, you shouldn’t be all that surprised. You know how I am. 😉 Continue reading

Anger: A Bad Habit of Human Evolution

Recently, I witnessed an encounter of anger. For reasons of contemplative analysis, I won’t mention the context at all; let us only focus on the idea of anger itself. Anger, for me, is an innate emotion but it is avoidable or at least extremely controllable. Anger is a raw material that over time is molded by each person’s own hand and then the castings are manufactured in an assembly line fashion.

When we feel angry, we tend to feel anger in the same manner but not by any means at the same level. When we feel angry, we repeat certain behaviors unique to us, acting as a signal that we are indeed angry; that is what I mean by the same manner. We do not always feel anger at the same level; some things in life we feel deserve only a portion of our intolerance, while others we feel deserve enormous concentration. Continue reading

The Downfall of the Threapeutic Friend

It’s roughly 4:30 AM and I’m lying here in my bed. I got to thinking as I often do when I stay up this late; I got to thinking about friends. More specifically, I thought about the problems I might cause them by being their friend but even more specific, myself. I am well aware it’s not a crime to be myself in the world and I am also aware that true friends will accept me for exactly who I am.

While I understand this, I still ponder on the idea that I am somewhat a nuisance to them. For as much as we like our friends, they all have at least one quality we wish they didn’t. For me, I examine myself and I believe that my nature is far too intrusive, so much that it becomes problematic for my friends. Continue reading