Some Notes On People-Watching (Part 1)

Wonderful Listeners,

There’s something I would like to talk to you about. I honestly don’t care how vain or inconsiderate it may seem; I’m unapologetic about what I feel. I do hope, that maybe after reading, you may not feel that way though.

I want to talk about people. Not particularly anyone kind of people but all people in general, and the act of looking at people. What does it mean to gaze at another, especially in public? What are the social repercussions for gazing at strangers with a curiosity?

Allow me to dive on it. First, I want to talk to you about the act of of simply looking at others in public. I think that in the private sphere, it doesn’t really matter. Perhaps when you intrude into another’s private sphere for your own pleasure of looking, you’re being voyeuristic. I am guilty of this act. But it’s that curiosity of looking, and knowing you have the risk of being caught gazing at another by others, that’s fascinating.

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Zero To Hero: My Fashion Journey Thus Far

Hello Wonderful Listeners…

Let me tell you… I have changed. I mean, seriously, I have changed in ways I didn’t expect to but it has happened. I’m referring to my sense of fashion since you all don’t know. Yes, my fashion sense has changed dramatically.

I never expected this change to come about and in the way it did but, here I am. In fact, my entire fashion journey (which is ongoing) reached a climax very recently. I’m not sure if I’m still in the climax or if I’m reaching the falling action but either way, my journey has come a long way.

If I may, allow me to recount my journey thus far…

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Thoughts From The 3rd of January (2017)

Wonderful Listeners,

Tonight was quite the exciting night. I didn’t know what to expect out of today, but thankfully, I got to enjoy my time with my little sister and her circle of friends. Honestly, I truly didn’t want to spend another evening in the house like I have been for the past couple of days. And you know what? It all started with a choice of clothes…

Fast forward to about 4pm in the evening. I hadn’t done anything all day except recover from the previous night out. After all, it was a wild one indeed. My little sister, Mya, had suggested that Justin, she, and I all go out somewhere and just do something. Of course, I asked her what she wanted to go do but neither her nor Justin could think of anything. I told them to think about what they wanted to go do while I got dressed.

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