Have A Nice Read! #9

A happy Friday to you all!

How are my Wonderful Listeners doing? I hope you’re doing well. I most certainly am doing well myself. It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted the eighth edition of this feature but I found time to put out the next one!

If you’re unaware, Have A Nice Read! is a feature where I basically share with you some blog posts that I believe others should be reading. It’s that simple.

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Gentle Reflection

In the reflection are my eyes
And they glow in the morning sun.
Through a frosted glass,
The shadows of leaves, scattered holes
Are basking along the window.

In the reflection are my eyes
And the light which emerges,
Is soft.
The light is white and calm;
Tranquil as the tale of the sea.
And I cannot look away,
Not from the reflection,
Not from my eyes.

And the sun which sifts through
Is warm on my skin.
The sun is gentle on my face
And in an instance I am stoic.
In an instant, I am beautiful,
If only for this moment.
I am smiling.

Have A Nice Read! #8

HELLOOOOOOO Wonderful Listeners!

Sorry. I was channeling Wacko from Animaniacs… 😛 (One of the best cartoon shows still to date!) Where was I going with this? Oh yeah…

So, it is Friday once again! Yes! 😀 I’m excited! Are you excited? You should be if you aren’t! Why? Well, because I rounded up some more blog posts for you to read! DUH!! 😛

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Have A Nice Read! #7

Hello Wonderful Listeners!

It’s Friday once again. Guess what? 🙂 I have some more fantastic reads for you to read. Yes, I’ve relapsed (I think it’s compulsive at this point or maybe habit?) and went out collecting great blog posts that you too should be reading!

Oh, well, don’t let my antics get in the way. Look at the list already! 🙂 Continue reading


Shh! as the steel door retract. 
The eyes begin to fall on you. 
All sound must cease, that is fact
And your silence is held by the few. 

Now as the box ascends upward
Stand in formation with others.
The wrapping of cables is heard
While personalities are under covers. 

Don’t watch. Don’t turn. Don’t look.
No good comes to those who peep;
For they are made temporary crooks. 
Only disdain is what they reap.

The box stops and the wall chimes. 
Someone exits and you try to breathe,
Try to compose yourself for the time
That you yourself prevent to receive. 

Now finally, after shaking
For only who knows how long,
You may finally exit the box raking
In the freedom that made you strong.