Metaphysical Monday: Do Dreams Reveal Information In The Unconscious Mind?

The following information presented in this article is a mixture of personal observations, beliefs, and academic research. All unoriginal material and information will be referenced at the end of the article, with links to the sites. Please bear in mind that this article was written under extreme time constraints and is open to scrutiny from any readers.

Dreams. Little is actually known about dreams in the realm of society and science. It is a topic which has avoided complete exposure and reveal. There then, remains much speculation about its role and purpose within the human body. Continue reading

Mad Scientist

I have had often the habit,
Of digging too deep,
Into the private lives and minds
Of those friends that I keep.
You see, I never found it wrong
Or intrusive if I strikingly asked
Those questions that are to answer
Difficult; leave them masked.
If I waited until we were alone
I might ensnare you with emotion
And then deliver that unwanted gift
Of a beckoning favor, of commotion.
Then my friends would, somber,
Try to evade my words, my voice.
I simply would return with a stone
Expression; I leave little to choice.
So in this way I could draw out
The answer that I craved so badly;
Be they underwhelming or shocking,
I desired them, I obsess madly. Continue reading

Pieces of Me: A History That Shapes The Present

Hi Wonderful Listeners!

With the last piece, you’ve now collected quite a few pieces of me now haven’t you? I wonder if I’ve been an interesting character to piece together; maybe, maybe not. Regardless, you’ve come here for the last piece and I’m here to give it to you. Let me quickly say that it’s a history of my past. I’m giving you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with me, rather intimately. I hope you enjoy. Continue reading

Have You Seen Yourself: Forgetting Your Own Race

There is a strange phenomenon that I have been experiencing for a few years now. It’s been on and off but I always remember that I have felt this way before. What’s the phenomenon? It’s simple: forgetting my own race among other races. As an example, imagine that you are White but you spend so much time around, let’s say, Hispanics that you sometimes forget you yourself are not a Hispanic. It’s like that for me. Continue reading

Wait, What Happened? I Forgot!

Hello Wonderful Listeners.

Lately, I haven’t been able to remember much. What I mean by that is that I’ve been forgetting much more than I used to. I have ideas as to why I might be forgetting in certain instances but for the others, I cannot fathom a reason. It’s those other reasons that have my attention. Well, let me at least say this: I usually have a very good memory, especially of quick recall. I have been complemented before on my memory but as of late, I have been noticing, personally, that my mental capacities are dwindling. Continue reading